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The process of home decoration is the process of choosing building materials, but there are many kinds of building materials, which are easy to make people dizzy. This magazine will launch a series of building materials selection for the decoration process, for the reference of readers who are decorating or preparing to decorate. → related links: home improvement experts tell you simple tips to choose environmentally friendly cabinets. After choosing hydropower materials, many people think that the process of home improvement is the process of choosing building materials, but there are many kinds of building materials, which are easy to make people dizzy. This magazine will launch a series of building materials selection for the decoration process, for the reference of readers who are decorating or preparing to decorate. → related links: home decorators tell you simple tips to choose environmentally friendly cabinets

after choosing hydropower materials, many people's next step is to choose cabinets, and some even choose cabinets earlier than hydropower materials. Because the cabinet needs to be customized in advance, there is a certain production cycle, and it also needs to communicate with the home decoration designer to make it adapt to the atmosphere of the whole room. Therefore, cabinets need to be started as soon as possible. What are you waiting for? Let's go to the market to find a suitable cabinet with our building materials shopping strategy

"cabinets are generally composed of countertops, door panels, cabinets, hardware and other equipment". The cabinet contains many aspects, and the performance of various materials is different. Please see the performance PK of products with different materials in various parts of the cabinet

table top selection I like

table top mainly includes refractory board, artificial stone, natural stone, stainless steel and other materials, among which the performance price ratio of artificial stone table top is the best. How much do you know about the performance of countertops made of various materials? → related links: how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of expert cabinet countertops

wooden countertops

advantages: bright color, good wear resistance, cutting resistance and high temperature resistance, giving people a new feeling, and the cabinet countertops are the same in height, supplemented by embedded gas stoves, which increases the feeling of beauty. The price is also accepted by ordinary consumers, generally 200 to 500 yuan per linear meter

disadvantages: the table top is easy to be eroded by water and humidity. Improper use will lead to degumming, deformation, substrate expansion and other consequences. Another disadvantage is that the exposed section after cutting is covered with refractory board veneer, PVC veneer and metal strip edge sealing to cover the wooden substrate of the section

the table top of composite board is round and soft, which is afraid of scratching

advantages: simple care, strong wear resistance, rounder on the periphery than melamine board, and there are a variety of colors and textures, which makes it feel softer

disadvantages: it is made of wood products covered with patterned paper and wear-resistant layer under high pressure, which is afraid of knife scratch. It is an industrial product, which has no noble feeling in comparison

the artificial stone table top has high dirt resistance and wear resistance

advantages: the artificial stone is more wear-resistant, acid resistant, high temperature resistant, and has strong impact resistance, compression resistance, bending resistance, permeability resistance and other functions. Because there are no pores on the surface, oil and water stains are not easy to penetrate into it, so it has strong pollution resistance; It can be seamlessly bonded with any length, and the two pieces of adhesive made of the same material are bonded and polished to be an integral whole. It is easy to take care of, and it can be polished after being dirty

disadvantages: the price varies greatly

due to the different processing technology, the quality is also divided into three or six or nine grades, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to identify the advantages and disadvantages

the quartz stone table top is super hard and has long environmental protection life

advantages: the quartz stone table top is made of super hard and environmental protection composite quartz material, which will not leave any trace when directly scratched with a knife, and has excellent properties such as super wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, etc. Since there are almost no pores on the quartz table, there is no need to worry about oil penetration. You only need to wipe it with clean water every day. The service life is up to decades, and the maintenance cycle can also be extended to 2-3 years

disadvantages: the joint is more obvious than ordinary artificial stone

natural stone table top is scratch resistant and wear-resistant but easy to crack

advantages: the texture of natural stone is very beautiful, the texture is hard, the scratch resistance is very outstanding, and the wear resistance is good; The cost is low, and the designs and colors are different. The most commonly used prices are only a few hundred yuan a meter. It is an economical countertop material. The price of high-end natural stone countertops is also about 1000 yuan

disadvantages: the two pieces of splicing cannot be integrated, and the gap is easy to breed bacteria; The natural stone has a high density and needs strong cabinet support. Although it is hard, it is not elastic enough. In case of heavy blow, cracks will occur, which is difficult to repair. Some invisible natural cracks will also rupture in case of sharp temperature changes. The length of natural stone cannot be too long, and it cannot be made into a full-length integral table top, which is not suitable for the modern trend of pursuing the integral table top

stainless steel table top has strong practicability and cold vision

advantages: strong, easy to clean, and strong practicability. In recent years, stainless steel countertops have been improved in line with the development trend of the combination of beautiful and practical cabinets. Consumers who focus on "practical" considerations, or consumers who love metal texture, it is also possible to choose stainless steel countertops

disadvantages: the vision is "hard", giving people a "cold" feeling. Most stainless steel table corners and joints lack reasonable and effective treatment methods

the tiling table top is not easy to take care of and the cost is high

advantages: tiling on wood is very beautiful, with texture and pastoral style

disadvantages: compared with flat worktops such as artificial stones, the tiling worktops are more troublesome to clean due to the presence of jointing agents and other items. In order to have better antifouling effect, high-grade jointing agent products are usually used, which costs relatively high, and the cost varies with the material of ceramic tiles

door panels are selected according to the price.

the door panel materials of cabinets mainly include melamine, fireproof board, blister, paint baking, solid wood, UV paint board and other different types, which are mainly defined according to the different decorative panels. The price of door panels varies greatly, so consumers can choose door panels in combination with their own cost budget. → related links: select the cabinet door panel, and fully analyze the cabinet door panel

melamine plate

also known as double decorative panel, also known as one-time molding plate. Its base material is particleboard, which is bonded by the base material and the surface veneer. The surface veneer mainly includes domestic and imported types. It has been treated with fire prevention, wear resistance, waterproof immersion and other treatments in the production process, so it has good fire prevention, wear resistance, waterproof immersion and other properties

fireproof board

also known as fire-resistant board, its color is bright, and it has the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, penetration resistance, easy cleaning, affordable and so on. The disadvantage is that the door panel is flat and cannot add concave convex, metal and other three-dimensional effects. It has a slightly poor sense of fashion. It is more suitable for kitchens with medium and low-grade decoration that have general requirements for the appearance of cabinets and pay attention to practical functions

painted door panels

commonly known as "painted door panels", which are characterized by bright color, strong visual impact, beauty and fashion. The disadvantage is that due to high technical requirements and high scrap rate, the price remains high, which is more suitable for young high-end consumers who have high requirements for appearance and quality and pursue fashion

solid wood door panels

have oak, cherry wood, fir and other materials, of which oak is easy to color and has more colors. Solid wood door panels have strong natural expression. However, there is still a big gap between the domestic solid wood cabinet manufacturers and the international ones in terms of technology level, while the imported solid wood cabinet is expensive and has less shape changes, which is more suitable for middle-aged consumers who prefer pure wood to use in high-end decoration. Due to the nature of wood, it is also more careful to use than artificial stone

metal door panels

core panels are composed of frosted metal panels or various glasses. They have concave convex texture and are particularly "cool" in shape, but they are expensive. They are suitable for pursuing super high-end decoration that is synchronized with the world trend


look and choose the right products. The advantages and disadvantages of cabinet hardware can not be ignored in the process of choosing cabinets. As the connectors of all parts of the overall cabinet, cabinet hardware plays an important role, so we should pay special attention to it when purchasing. → related links: Tips: the purchase of cabinet hardware

the thickness of good and bad hinges. From the appearance, there is no big difference between high-quality hinges and low-quality hinges. The only difference is to observe their thickness. The good hinge is made of alloy by one-time stamping, with thick hand feel and smooth surface. Due to the thick coating on the surface, it is not easy to rust, stable and strong, and has strong load-bearing capacity, which makes the cabinet door stretch freely, and there will be no loose door

plastic handles have become a new favorite

at present, there are four types of handles on the market: plastic handles, zinc alloy handles, aluminum alloy handles and stainless steel handles. Now the zinc alloy handle is the most widely used in the market, and its surface coating technology is particularly critical. If the metal coating on the surface is not properly treated, it is very easy to fall off. Soy sauce, salt and other corrosive condiments in the kitchen, and even sweat with salt on your hands can make the zinc alloy handle dull

plastic handle is not easy to corrode and fade, and the coating on the surface of plastic handle can be shaped at will. It has a strong sense of lines and is beautiful. It is very suitable for use in the kitchen and is becoming a new favorite in the handle market

it is best to choose three in one

connectors to connect cabinets. A single cabinet generally uses 12 connectors. Connectors are usually divided into two types, one is three in one connector; The other is two in one connector. At present, the three in one connector, also known as invisible connector, is widely used. The three in one connector is composed of plastic head, connecting rod and connecting cap. Its quality depends on the accuracy of the connecting rod. The connecting rod accurate to micron can ensure the accurate splicing of the cabinet. The two in one connector is exposed outside the cabinet, which is not beautiful and generally not used

according to the design method, the slide is divided into three sections: slide, pumping slide and roller track. The three section slide rail uses wood as the baffle on both sides of the drawer, which is basically the standard configuration of all cabinets. The roller track slides between steel chutes with nylon or plastic rollers to pull out the drawer. The pumping slide is abbreviated as riding pumping, which includes the metal baffle and has the rebound function

in line with the overall style, choose high-quality after-sales

the choice of cabinets must be harmonious and unified with the style of the whole house. In addition, we should also choose high-quality after-sales service. "If the after-sales service is very good, it can also be explained from the side that its material is relatively good." Xujiabao believes that in the selection process of cabinets, a very important point is to choose the long-term guaranteed after-sales service of brand manufacturers. In addition, when purchasing, you should also consult the problems of pipeline bending, how to deal with ventilation, water circuit routing and so on, and understand the structure in advance to prevent irreconcilable contradictions during installation, leaving regrets

Cui Jian suggested that healthy cabinets made of environmentally friendly boards produced and processed by regular manufacturers should be selected. In addition, you can also check the quality of the cabinet from the following aspects: check whether the plate is flat, whether there is bulge, pothole, edge warping, glue opening; Whether the edge banding is smooth, with a round feel and no burrs; Whether the door leaves, basket and other equipment are pushed and pulled smoothly, whether the noise level and hardware accessories are complete, and whether there are anti-collision and self closing functions; The thickness of the cabinet door panel is better than 18mm, otherwise the door panel is easy to deform




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