Five misunderstandings in small house decoration

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Small apartment decoration owners want to make full use of every inch of space, and do not want to make their living space appear crowded. Obviously, the size of the house type is here, and it can't be changed by the owners. What's more terrifying is that some Wuhan decoration owners tossed and turned out to fall into the misunderstanding of small apartment decoration, which was time-consuming and laborious, and still failed to achieve the desired effect. Next, Wuhan Longfa decoration design will share with you the five misunderstandings of small house decoration to help you get twice the result with half the effort

myth 1: the ceiling is too complex

now many Wuhan decoration owners think that without the ceiling is not well decorated. Of course, some owners' ceiling decoration at home is really good-looking, but Wuhan Longfa decoration designer pointed out that for small houses with low space height, the decoration ceiling should choose a smaller shape, or simply do not make the ceiling directly. Owners should avoid decorating the ceiling too complex

Myth 2: furniture is too big

Wuhan Decoration Company believes that the area of small houses is limited, and the purchase of furniture should follow the principle of "practical and small, rather small than large", or use the way of customized furniture to customize it for your home! In addition, due to the limited space, the storage function of furniture should also be as powerful as possible

myth 3: demolish walls and change structures in disorder

many Wuhan decoration owners have transformed the walls in order to design beautiful or increase the indoor space area, but not all walls can be demolished and changed. Changes such as bearing walls, air ducts and flues can easily affect the bearing structure of the whole house and the safety and quality of Wuhan home decoration owners' rooms

myth 4: the wall color is too dark

the designer of Wuhan Longfa decoration company said: the space of small houses is small. If the wall color is too dark, it will appear that the indoor situation is narrow. The wall of small houses of Wuhan decoration owners is suitable for bright colors. The color of bright color system will make people's visual senses more malleable, so that small houses can look more spacious and bright

myth 5: monotonous lighting

in addition to choosing the color of bright color system, which can make the small house space of Wuhan home decoration owners look more spacious and bright, and virtually expand the area of small houses, in terms of lighting, the small house lighting of Wuhan decoration owners should be primary and secondary, which can enrich the space vision. Simple ceiling lamp as the main lamp, combined with table lamp, wall lamp, spotlight and other different light sources, make the indoor level more distinct

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