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With the arrival of "golden nine and silver ten", the home furnishing circle will also usher in a new round of promotion boom. On September 16, Zhongyuan Building Materials City, the leader of Zhongyuan Road in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, welcomed the home decoration carnival. With the customization of the top ten brands of wardrobe in this home decoration carnival, Kefan held a star signing event of "King's Feast", which was supported by the headquarters and prepared by Xiangyang Kefan team, and followed up from the early planning to the implementation of the event. It is reported that the activity delivered a perfect answer sheet on that day - signed 220 orders, and received more than 2million

Hubei Xiangyang Kefan customized star signing event site

it is understood that before the official start of the event, nearly 100 owners have locked in concessions and paid money to customize Kefan products. At the event, powerful singer Wang Ruhua witnessed the quality of Kefan's customized products in the name of consumers, delivered classic songs, and interacted and reveled with thousands of spectators on the scene, who shouted "fun"

singer Wang Ruhua interacted with fans

in the interactive link, Wang Ruhua said that he was very happy to participate in Kefan activities. Now the environmental protection of home decoration has attracted more and more attention from consumers, and he also attaches great importance to environmental protection home. Kefan customization has done well in environmental protection, and the newly launched safety core board is safer to use

in order to intuitively feel the advantages of Kefan's wardrobe to the on-site audience, there is a quality rush link on site, and consumers participate in the experience on site. The perfect product quality has won bursts of applause from on-site consumers. There was a long line at the cash register on site, and Kefan products were recognized by consumers

Hubei Xiangyang Kefan customized star signing meeting group photo as a souvenir

at the end of the activity, accompanied by Kefan staff, Wang Ruhua visited Xiangyang Kefan's whole house customized store, felt Kefan's strength and charm in an all-round way, exclaimed and praised Kefan! Kefan advocates variable storage and more than one aspect of life this year. We believe that Kefan not only meets the explicit needs of customers, but also meets the variability and implicit needs of customers in the next few years, only to provide the best products and services to customers and friends who have witnessed the development of Kefan




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