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What human senses can feel is the "standard": formaldehyde pollution is the most serious indoor pollution. According to the current indoor environment test data, 80% of new houses are concentrated in formaldehyde exceeding the standard

cabinets are very important in kitchen decoration. At present, there are many brands of overall cabinets in the market, but consumers often think that it is cheaper to buy professional cabinets than to invite an engineering team to make them on site, and the materials can also be supervised on site. In fact, this understanding is one-sided. There are four reasons to explain that buying professional cabinets is much better than being cabinets

first, the principle of using materials is different. Self made cabinets are often considered good when ordinary laminates and hardware accessories are collected from the market. It is difficult to resist the erosion of damp, high temperature and corrosive objects in the kitchen; The production of professional cabinets, taking into account the use environment, adopts high-grade fireproof boards that are resistant to high temperature, corrosion and humidity, which are not easy to deform and damage. When used, they can withstand tens of thousands of switches without deformation and damage

second, the process is different. The cabinets produced by professional manufacturers are all industrialized production, with strict specifications from cutting, polishing to installation. High temperature and high pressure edge banding is adopted, and the appearance is clean and firm after edge banding

third, the design is different. Generally speaking, what can best reflect the scientific and technological content of cabinets is the rationality of their functional design. The designers of professional cabinet manufacturers consider the activity route of the operators in the kitchen when designing, and realize the whole operation process in the shortest distance. The self-made cabinet generally only pays attention to the basic storage function, and it is difficult to consider the rationality of the design

IV. different services. Meticulous and comprehensive service is also an important condition to ensure the quality of cabinets. Due to the lack of professional training, the on-site construction personnel do not know much about the manufacturing process and materials, and it is difficult to repair once problems occur; The services of professional cabinets include door-to-door measurement and design before sale, door-to-door installation during sale, as well as after-sales services, such as establishing user files, timely return visits, timely maintenance in case of problems, etc




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