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Arc released the Global Market Research Report on product lifecycle management

arc's latest market research report shows that global economic development is still the main influencing factor of the global product lifecycle management (PLM) market. Active business activities in some parts of the world, especially in North America, are driving the growth of PLM market. Although the overall economy of Europe is showing a slowdown in growth, the PLM market in this region seems to show a counter attack trend, especially PLM Jinan Shidai Experimental Machine Technology Co., Ltd. reminds you to load into the 1 fixed load market leaders. The overall growth of PLM global market from 2013 to 2014 was above average

from a technical point of view, manufacturers' demand for developing a new generation of intelligent Internet products will also help drive the global PLM Software Market

arc's latest Global Market Research Report on product lifecycle management commented that PLM market leaders and small suppliers have expanded the application of PLM technology in new markets and penetrated into new vertical industries through strategies and solutions, such as power, utilities, life sciences and FMCG

plm solutions focus on Intelligent connected products

plm another major trend is the systematic approach to product life cycle and the model-based enterprise philosophy. Product development in various industries is constantly meeting the needs of intelligent Internet products, including automobiles, home appliances, FMCG and mobile devices. In the fundamental transformation of product design, all products need to be designed to be intelligent, interconnected and adapt to the ecosystem in which they must play a role. Ar extended the industrial chain C and found a huge business opportunity in the design and manufacturing based on IOT (connecting the digital world and the real world). Good design methods that have passed the test of time can meet the multiple needs of adaptability, form and function. In order to meet the requirements of IOT, designers must now consider extended functions, including connectivity and intelligence

workshops and factory operations will also increasingly adopt analytical technology. In the discrete manufacturing and process (3) green manufacturing of plastic additives, the differences between the design and finished products of string 8 will be verified by measuring the deviations and changes in the construction process. Major PLM suppliers purchase or develop their own manufacturing operations management (MOM) and manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions at the operational level. This extends the product life cycle to the factory and workshop level, helping manufacturers better manage, from operation and quality feedback to manufacturing process and product design, so as to continuously support process improvement

arc consulting group was established in 1986. It is a consulting company focusing on the industrial field. It provides consulting services on technology, market and strategy in the fields of automation systems, enterprise and factory it solutions, asset life cycle management, supply chain management, energy optimization, operation management, etc. whether you are a manufacturing manufacturer, it and automation technology supplier, or technology investor, Arc can provide you with valuable consulting services. Our principle is to provide customers with objective, neutral and accurate analysis points of view, and is committed to helping customers formulate successful development strategies. Arc has branches in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Brazil, India, Japan, South Korea and China. Arc China branch was established in 2004 to provide consulting services for multinational and local companies on the Chinese market, including consulting services for local companies on the implementation of overseas strategies

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