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On April 21, Shengze market differential fiber dynamic express

the differential cationic silk market was stable, but the trading volume was still average. From the price trend, today's markets of fdy50d/24f and poy75d/48f 1. Want to ensure the overall use of the pressure testing machine, the center price of the field is 15600 yuan/ton and 13100 yuan/ton respectively, so as to become a stable member of the graphene like family. The price of polyester/polyester composite yarn is flat, and the transaction is not ideal. In terms of product price, the market price of polyester/polyester composite filament (DT flat traction + POY) 50*50 is about 13600 yuan/ton, and the market price of (DT flat traction + POY) 100*100 is about 12600 yuan/ton, and the price remains unchanged. The island composite wire market has a good performance and a large sales volume. The market of polyester/nylon composite yarn is flat, and the sales volume is not large. The stock and capital pressure of conventional grey cloth of weaving manufacturers are not small, coupled with the sluggish decline of upstream raw material prices. It is expected that in the future, there will be an adjustment trend in the market of polyester/nylon composite yarn on the island

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