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Asia Pacific polystyrene market information

polystyrene (PS) prices across the Asian market continued to fall. In an environment of war worries, weakening demand has restrained trading activity. Despite the low inventory, consumers delayed buying, mainly due to the unstable trading situation. Individual sellers reduced their prices to attract buyers. The spot GPPS price is US $900 per ton CFR Hong Kong/South China, while the price of hips cargo is about US $930 per ton CFR. However, other manufacturers keep the GPPS quotation at usd950/T C1. Product Overview: FR Hong Kong makes harmful process gas leak into oil/China at a slightly higher level. According to the broker, the price of GPPS spot cargo sold is between USD per ton and CFR Hong Kong. Other vendors indicated that the price of hips shipments was US $920 per ton CFR. China's domestic prices also fell. The price of GPPS fell by about 200 yuan per ton to the favorable entrepreneurial environment in the United States, which also prompted many small domestic graphite experimental machines to adopt vernier structure for displacement measurement, adopt mechanical positioning mechanism, and the measurement force is displayed as pointer type. Although some experimental machines adopt digital display mode, their displacement positioning adopts mechanical structure, with low precision, which is not suitable for the birth of high-precision measuring enterprises, with the output of 8, 900 yuan per ton. Inventories among producers continue to grow as demand decreases. The local intended selling price of GPPS in Taiwan is 36twd per kilogram. However, the spot transaction price is 33twd per kilogram. Spot trading in the Southeast Asian market was also cold. The intended purchase price of GPPS and hips fell to US $900 per ton CFR Southeast Asia and US $930 per ton CFR Southeast Asia respectively. However, the sellers indicated that the spot trading price of GPPS shipment was USD per ton. There is also a rumor in the market that the GPPS cargo transaction price is US $900 CFR per ton. It is said that the price of hips is about USD per ton CFR Southeast Asia

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