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Discussion on the construction of electromechanical equipment maintenance training base

at present, with the rapid development of higher vocational education, the traditional teaching mode can no longer meet the requirements of talent training in vocational education. This requires breaking the original teaching power of emphasizing theory teaching and neglecting practice. Method, re explore a teaching mode in line with modern higher vocational education, and truly realize the talent training h standard of "cultivating high-quality skilled talents for the front line of production, construction, management and service" of higher vocational education. After long-term research and practice of higher vocational educators in China, the integrated teaching mode of "teaching, learning and doing" is an effective way to achieve this goal. This mode has achieved good results in many higher vocational colleges. The documents of the Ministry of education put forward more clear requirements for the integration of "teaching, learning and doing", the implementation of the combination of work and learning, school enterprise cooperation, and the reform of talent training mode. The essence of the teaching mode integrating "teaching, learning and doing" is the practicality of the teaching process. Its connotation is the learning mode combining teaching with productive labor and social practice. The starting point is "the combination of work and learning and the cooperation between schools and enterprises". So as to drive the reform of curriculum construction, specialty adjustment, teaching content and teaching methods

the ability of fault diagnosis and maintenance of electromechanical equipment is the core ability of students majoring in electromechanical integration technology. The traditional teaching method and three-stage teaching method of electromechanical equipment fault diagnosis and maintenance course can no longer meet the requirements of current vocational education and enterprise industry for students. In order to better cultivate students' professional ability, teamwork spirit and innovation ability in fault diagnosis and maintenance of electromechanical equipment, the college signed an agreement with Xi'an West Airlines Machinery Plant of Xi'an Air Industry Group Co., Ltd. to jointly invest in the construction of electromechanical equipment maintenance training base of electromechanical integration technology

1 overview of the construction of electromechanical equipment maintenance training base

at present, the construction of productive training base in Higher Vocational Colleges in China is booming, but the system in relatively developed countries is still lagging behind. The advanced vocational education experience of developed countries shows that productive training should be carried out in the form of work study combination and school enterprise cooperation, among which the dual system in Germany and the sandwich course in Britain are typical representatives of its progressiveness. Drawing on foreign advanced vocational education experience, domestic higher vocational colleges have carried out a series of reforms, in which the exploration of teaching mode has become the main direction. "Combination of work and study, school enterprise cooperation" is the guiding ideology of this reform, and the "teaching, learning and doing" integrated teaching mode is the specific implementation method

for satisfaction. According to the requirements of the integrated teaching mode, taking advantage of the construction opportunity of the national demonstration University, the college has comprehensively constructed the teaching and training conditions, and the new or expanded training rooms are built around the new teaching mode. After preliminary research and expert demonstration, a training base for electromechanical equipment maintenance was built in Xi'an West Airlines Machinery Plant of Xi'an Air Industry Group Co., Ltd., and a number of producible typical electromechanical equipment were purchased for the training base. For the electromechanical integration technology professional group, productive training was carried out around "electromechanical equipment fault diagnosis and maintenance" and related courses

relying on the favorable conditions of school enterprise cooperation, the auxiliary machines of the plastic extrusion unit mainly include paying off device, straightening device, preheating device, cooling device, traction device, meter counter, spark tester, take-up device, and the electromechanical equipment maintenance training base has developed the training and certification of machine fitter, maintenance electrician and other types of work while carrying out the training. The base equipment was used for the training of electromechanical equipment maintenance personnel, which effectively solved the shortage of electromechanical equipment maintenance personnel, and trained electromechanical equipment maintenance professionals for enterprises

2 development of relevant courses of electromechanical equipment maintenance training base

the major of electromechanical integration technology focuses on electromechanical equipment maintenance, electromechanical equipment installation and commissioning, and electromechanical equipment operation. Among them, electromechanical equipment maintenance ability is the most important core ability of electromechanical integration technology specialty

during the development of electromechanical equipment maintenance course, we actively studied foreign advanced vocational education concepts and teaching methods, optimized and reorganized the content of "electromechanical equipment maintenance technology", incorporated the teaching contents of "CNC machine tool fault diagnosis and maintenance technology" and "automatic machine and automatic line" into the course, and carried out the course reform based on the working process of electromechanical equipment maintenance. According to the production requirements of enterprises, The work task of "fault diagnosis and maintenance of electromechanical equipment" has been developed. Through the maintenance of ordinary machine tools, numerical control equipment and automatic production lines, students can master the basic theory and knowledge of electromechanical equipment maintenance, be able to analyze and deal with the common faults of typical electromechanical equipment in enterprises, and cultivate students' rigorous work style and meticulous work attitude, Enable students to form good professional quality and lay a good "enterprise" foundation for future work

school enterprise cooperation to jointly complete teaching documents such as curriculum standards, curriculum context design, curriculum assessment standards, etc; At the same time, we will organize the course content with the typical work tasks as the center together with the enterprise tutors, and make the students "learn by doing" and the teachers in 1 When setting the initial value of the counter on the screen, it should also be able to process the data through software. When it is in the case of power failure, it is "teaching in doing". During the teaching process, the instructor discussed and studied with the technical personnel of the enterprise, set the teaching items with the common faults of common electromechanical equipment as the learning task, and implement the teaching according to the five step teaching method. Just: ask questions_ ÷ autonomous learning_ △ project design_ △ project implementation_ △ presentation report. Give full play to students' subjective initiative in the learning process, so that students can learn independently in the process of completing teaching projects, and teachers can teach in the process of leading students to do projects. See Table L for the course content design of "fault diagnosis and maintenance of electromechanical equipment"

in the construction plan of the National Demonstration Higher Vocational College, the college has given full play to the teaching and social service functions of the electromechanical equipment maintenance training base, comprehensively improved the students' practical ability, and won awards in the electromechanical equipment maintenance competitions held in China for many times. The construction of the excellent course "fault diagnosis and maintenance of electromechanical equipment" has also achieved results, and was rated as a national excellent course in 2009

3 the construction of electromechanical equipment maintenance training base gains the strength of "combination of work and study, school enterprise cooperation". Under the guidance, the electromechanical equipment maintenance training base was built in the workshop of the factory to complete the production and training tasks in the real production and operation environment, undergo the complex situation of actual production and operation activities, verify, enrich and enrich the scientific theoretical knowledge in the production site and actual posts, and acquire the practical knowledge of the production and operation site that is not easy to understand and learn in books, So that students' professional ability, method ability and social ability can be consolidated, improved and exercised in practice, and effectively improve students' comprehensive professional ability

through the training in the electromechanical equipment maintenance training base, students can work on the front line of production and operation during school, truly feel the production and operation environment of the enterprise, improve professional skills, improve professional quality, enhance professional adaptability, accumulate workplace experience, shorten the running in period from school to work, and greatly enhance the competitiveness of students in employment. The electromechanical equipment maintenance training base requires teachers to go deep into the enterprise, guide students to engage in practical business and management work under the real working environment, cultural atmosphere and management mode of the enterprise, urge teachers to keep close contact with the actual production and business activities, and always maintain rapid docking and application with cutting-edge technology, process and management, so as to have a good understanding of enterprise management, labor organization, technology and process, So that teachers not only improve their professional quality, but also greatly improve their practical operation skills and practical teaching ability, which is conducive to the cultivation of teachers' quality of "strong teachers"

integrate practical teaching activities into production activities, promote the close combination of teaching activities and production and management activities, shorten the distance between school talent training and enterprise talent needs, make the teaching process and teaching content close to the actual production work, and dynamically adjust the curriculum and teaching content with the requirements of industry and vocational posts, which is conducive to driving the adjustment and construction of majors, and guiding the curriculum, teaching content and teaching ability. The reform of the law realizes the consistency between school learning and practical work, and highlights the professional orientation of specialty setting and the professional characteristics of talent training

4 conclusion

higher vocational education should position the h-standard of talent training on a tortuous experimental vocational and technical education facing skills, new technology and the front line of production. Strengthening the construction and management of the training base and promoting the training teaching are the irreplaceable key links to achieve this goal. The construction of the college's electromechanical equipment maintenance training base is a preliminary exploration of the construction of a new type of training base. Only by strictly following the laws of vocational education, strengthening organization, planning and coordination, and taking a serious attitude

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