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Discussion on the artistic positioning of outdoor advertising decoration design (II)

III. quality positioning

different commodities should have different design positioning. It is mainly limited by many factors, such as whether the market environment and market mechanism are sound, people's consumption values and aesthetic consciousness, as well as the relationship between the quality service and consumption level of enterprise products, so as to drive away the advantages and disadvantages and make their products towards high quality, high quality The goal of standardized service and honesty

it is gratifying that in China's home appliance, computer and other industries, due to the long-term strategy of enterprises themselves to establish corporate image and brand, coupled with the relatively high cultural quality of consumer groups in this field, they have a higher awareness of the design of advertising content and advertising cultural taste, which is more conducive to the extension of creative space and value, and lead consumption fashion with cultural taste, Economically developed regions will inevitably produce a more active advertising market. According to the survey of authoritative institutions, the current understanding and judgment of Chinese consumers on Chinese advertising design is not much different from that of consumers in developed countries in the world. In today's information society, people can't live without advertising design, and advertising design can't leave consumers. At present, China needs advertising design works with entertainment, humor and appreciation, so that the audience can accept the transmission of information in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere; Therefore, understand consumer psychology and impress people with high-quality advertising design works

IV. creative positioning

creative design is to express the positioning of outdoor advertising conceptually, express the theme of advertising through special forms, and design graphics with realistic and emotional connotation. Outdoor advertising design creativity has no trend and no borders. Creative design is the continuous innovation of ideology and culture, rather than technical design. Creativity should embody humanistic spirit and culture. How to be creative is a common challenge faced by advertisers, advertising planners, copywriters and designers

the creativity of outdoor advertising design should have clear symbolic form, transform the sales language into graphic language, and have aesthetic connotation and extension. The visual and perceptual analysis of formal aesthetics in Gestalt psychology emphasizes the importance of form, provides the content of outdoor advertising positioning, and how to express it more effectively in content and form. The visual characteristics of outdoor advertising are instant effects. People are curious about visual instincts and are always interested in exciting things. Outdoor advertising design with eye-catching titles, simple graphics and bright color content is undoubtedly a good advertising design

the successful creative design of outdoor advertisements is the discovery and arrangement of inadvertent flash points in people's lives, and is good at discovering life fragments with strong emotional factors in life (such as various new year advertisements released during the Spring Festival), so that outdoor advertisements can enhance people's communication and understanding through graphics, which is memorable. Under the condition of China's market economy, this form of advertising design with humanization as its appeal is the inevitable product of future advertising content. It reflects the market trend and cultural trend, and it will certainly affect consumers' consumption psychology and behavior. Outdoor advertising design works with more humanization and cultural taste will be more and more influential and penetrating in the future

it is mainly used in the outdoor environment, such as machine tools, tools, surfaces matched with rotating bearings, and taper pin holes. As an advertising company, it should also introduce many contents into the program at the initial stage of advertising release to understand the advertising location and surrounding environment on the spot. Some advertising creative designs may be satisfied with the graphic language and color of the design at the draft review stage, but once released and implemented, it is found that the content is not "integrated" into the surrounding environment, or it is disorderly and can not distinguish the primary and secondary, which can not achieve the expected purpose of promoting commodity sales

in terms of means of expression, enhance the dynamic content of advertising design. According to psychological research, people are more likely to attract attention and associate with moving objects than static objects. In the 12th Asian Cup football match in 2004, the ESPON color printer advertisement, with bright colors, beautiful music, instant conversion of visual images and other humorous means of expression, attracted a lot of Chinese attention. At present, our advertising design has too many appeal forms and lacks humorous design performance, because its surface is honeycomb pattern content. Outdoor advertising design that lacks a clear understanding of cultural connotation and one-sided pursuit of commodity momentum or lack of cultural connotation has short timeliness and no vitality. To accurately position outdoor advertising design, it is required to help more than 20 practitioners realize their entrepreneurial dreams. The plan must be close to the lives of consumers, deeply study consumers' behavior and potential consumer psychological needs, and explore a deep-seated form of expression in which consumers deeply believe that relevant substances are transformed into images, associations, human nature

the creative design of outdoor advertising should always run through the standardization and systematization of visual image, so that it has concise and accurate visual characteristics, and the outdoor advertising design that cannot reflect the overall function will eventually greatly reduce the communication effect. The systematic design is conducive to the overall external communication of enterprises in the marketing process, and greatly change the current situation of enterprises before promotion. Outdoor advertising positioning is to establish a good image for products according to different consumption requirements, and outdoor advertising design positioning is to highlight its long-standing characteristics. The preliminary analysis of the goal of advertising positioning design, the release time, region and expected results of advertising design is carried out. Only scientific, rigorous and detailed positioning is the basis for the success of outdoor advertising

outdoor advertising design takes human emotional factors as the starting point. Under the extremely rich condition of material civilization and spiritual civilization, using the unprecedented expansion of information exchange means, we can jointly give full play to the advertising creativity of designers to the greatest extent. With the help of people's understanding of traditional culture and the perception of new life, outdoor advertising will serve the public with a new and rich appearance. It can be said that accurate positioning is half the success of outdoor advertising design

Author: Wang Jinhua

source: Northwest Art

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