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Brief discussion on the application status of domestic binding bag machine

in people's habitual thinking, binding bag machine is facing the low-end market, and its binding products are also of average or low quality products, which is difficult to be associated with high-quality products and high-quality products. Indeed, compared with the binding linkage line, it does have a gap, it can be said that it is not at the same level, and the overall quality of the products produced by the binding package machine is indeed lower than the linkage line, but it cannot be generalized. The bound products are first related to the equipment; Secondly, it is related to the experience of the operator; It is also related to enterprise management. Therefore, some binding bags can be produced by this machine, while some are defective constantly

in fact, the binding bag machine is not only favored by small and medium-sized enterprises, but also by many large enterprises with advanced production linkage lines. Based on the experience of international oil refining industry layout, joint ventures still attach great importance to the binding bag machine. Facing the strong wireless binding linkage line, the binding bag machine can still occupy a place, and naturally has its uniqueness

binding package single machine, single but not weak

binding package single machine has some single equipment operation functions compared with various automatic high-speed linkage lines, but its role and advantages in book binding cannot be underestimated

(1) low input cost. The price of this machine for linear binding bag is only 40000 yuan, the price of this machine for disc binding bag is generally more than 100000 yuan (domestic machine), and the price of this machine for elliptical binding bag is between 100000 yuan and 300000 yuan. It depends on the fact that the circuit must be disconnected in time according to the clip. So many varieties and low prices make it affordable for ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises

(2) widely used. Digital printing can be done in both long and short editions, especially in small batches

(3) wide range of flexible parts. The thickness of this book is 2 ~ 50mm, and thick books and thin books can be processed. Wireless binding, sewing press the print key, and the experimental data can start to print binding

(4) easy to use. The machine is adjusted faster, the production preparation time is less, and the replacement of live parts is faster

(5) less waste. It is used for startup adjustment with less consumption and faster binding

(6) simple operation. Fast troubleshooting and convenient maintenance

(7) strong personalization. It can produce special-shaped books, which is suitable for producing less and better products

binding package this single machine, there are weak ones in the single

binding package this single machine is, after all, a single machine operation, which is indispensable. At the same time, it still has many unsatisfactory places

(1) low production efficiency, large number of employees and low output. Especially when the electronic universal experimental machine shows problems for a long time, there are many people involved in the front and back processes

(2) low degree of automation and equipment stability

(3) there are many factors that depend on people, and the product quality mainly depends on the level of the operator

(4) there are disadvantages in writing. The setting time of the next book is short, especially the disc binding machine. In addition, the book under the arc makes the back of the book deformed, round or oblique, especially thick books, which also need to be knocked down manually on the stage

(5) it is easy to produce glue and dirty books

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