How to dispose of waste plastics with uneven roads

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The road of "rebirth" is not smooth, how to dispose of waste plastics

waste plastics are buried and not easy to degrade, burning polluted air, and only recycling is the best solution. Facing the obstacles such as cost, technology and utilization value that have been running through the development of recycled plastics industry, the space for internal consumption has expanded, and the innovation of process and equipment has accelerated, the potential of the whole market can not be underestimated

many people must have been familiar with the harm of randomly discarding plastic products. In recent years, the problem of how to dispose of waste plastic materials, according to Xu Xiao, has also been on the hot list of independent production and sales. Generally speaking, the main treatment methods of waste plastics are landfill, incineration and recycling, with Jinan and Dezhou as the center. Landfill, plastic itself is not a degradable product; Incineration produces a lot of waste gas due to its high calorific value. Even if it is treated in the incinerator, it is easy to cause furnace body damage

it can be seen that recycling is more environmentally friendly. However, on the one hand, plastic recycling costs a lot of manpower and material resources. On the other hand, the reuse channels are still blocked, and the reuse value is suppressed. So for a long time, waste plastic recycling has been advocated, but it can not avoid the waste of business

of course, this is the past. Now the waste plastic recycling industry has taken on a new look. First of all, all countries in the world, including China, are investing in human, material and financial resources, innovating key technologies, optimizing management models, striving to reduce costs, and promoting the recycling and reuse of waste plastics. So far, heat recovery, physical recovery, chemical reduction, Hydrogenolysis and other ways have entered the industry

in the past, the domestic waste plastics market was poor, partly due to the huge import scale of waste plastics, which blocked a considerable amount of market demand. Now, the ban on the import of waste plastics has been issued, and the domestic recycled plastic industry may be rearranged. This also means that domestic demand will gradually shift to internal consumption, and more businesses will choose to tap the potential of domestic waste plastic recycling

the role of the policy as a weathervane is huge, and the waste plastic recycling and reuse industry has bumped into the opportunity of transformation and upgrading. Industry insiders said that the renewable resources industry will completely get rid of the history of "picking up waste products" and win dividends from industrial development. The waste plastic recycling industry is no exception, and all parties are stepping up to put the industry on the right track

not long ago, the standard working committee of recycled plastics industry was officially established, which is committed to promoting the major transformation of China's recycled plastics industry from comprehensive resource utilization to harmless solid waste environmental treatment. After the establishment of the committee, the group standards for products, technologies, equipment and other fields related to the recycled plastic industry are expected to be implemented quickly, and actively promote the formulation of standards to be in line with international standards

in addition, relevant enterprises are also actively seeking effective solutions to reduce plastic waste pollution. For example, starting from the working efficiency of waste sorting equipment, we should pay attention to the separation of plastic containers and contained items, expand plastic waste recycling plants, develop more intelligent plastic machinery and equipment, and improve waste plastic crushing equipment, compression equipment, weighing equipment and processing equipment

in such an environment, the development prospect of recycled plastics industry is generally optimistic. The industry carrying the recycling of resources and the protection of ecological environment meets the needs of the general trend of environmental protection. The gap in domestic demand needs to be filled urgently. In December 2013, the recycled plastic industry stood at the crossroads of becoming bigger and stronger. All these development advantages will be transformed into the take-off power of the waste plastic recycling industry

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