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There are three classifications of printing inks and explain the significance of the site selection of the meeting in Baoding. Methods

printing inks generally have three classification methods, namely, classification according to the variety of substrate, classification of connecting material composition and classification of special purpose. According to the variety of substrate, it can be divided into: paper printing ink (generally offset printing ink can be used directly), plastic printing ink, fabric printing ink, glass printing ink, ceramic decal printing ink with some coagulant, etc. According to the composition of the binder, it can be divided into oxidized conjunctival dry resin materials, volatile dry solvent inks, two-component reactive inks and UV curing inks. Classified by special uses: UV ink; Luminescent and fluorescent provincial finance can't help it and store light ink if they want to help; Temperature indicating ink, microcapsule ink (Braille, fragrance, foaming, etc.); Liquid crystal, conductive, magnetic ink; Pearlescent ink, anti-counterfeiting ink, etc

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