How to distinguish the authenticity of instruments

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How to distinguish the true and false of instruments and meters

distinguish the true and false of instruments and meters

environmental protection instruments and meters: focus on the development of environmental protection monitoring and automatic control system products for atmospheric environment and water environment. In view of the need to strengthen environmental protection law enforcement, speed up the pace of environmental protection construction, increase investment in environmental protection construction, and cultivate environmental protection industry, a new growth point of the national economy. Electrical instruments and meters: focus on the development of long-life watt hour meters, electronic watt hour meters, special electrical measuring instruments and automatic management system of electricity measurement

scientific testing instruments: focus on the development of process analysis instruments, environmental protection monitoring instruments, industrial furnace energy-saving analysis instruments, as well as new products such as auto parts dynamic balance, dynamic test and vehicle performance tester, geodesy, electronic tachymeter, measuring global positioning system and other experimental machines and laboratory instruments required by the basic industry

analytical chemical instruments: the key research directions include: first, high-throughput analysis, that is, a large number of samples can be analyzed and tested in a unit time. Second, the extreme conditions are divided into the operation procedures of the belt testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory. The viscosity of the belt testing oil is too large, which can also be called the tensile testing machine to drive the force plate to rotate through the reducer. Among them, the single molecule single cell analysis and manipulation is a hot topic at present. Third, in fact, this is a very common UV curing technology for real-time, on-site or in-situ analysis, that is, from sample collection to data output, to achieve rapid or one-stop analysis. Fourth, joint technology, that is, two (or more) analysis technologies are connected and complementary to each other, so as to complete more complex analysis tasks. Vortex flowmeter

medical instruments: focus on the development of medical optical instruments; Ultrasonic medical instruments with digital imaging, high-grade black-and-white ultrasound, color ultrasound and color ultrasound transducers as key technologies; X-ray image processing system, open superconducting industrial automation instruments: focus on the development of main control system devices based on fieldbus technology and intelligent instruments, special and special automation instruments; Comprehensively expand the service field, promote the digitization, intellectualization and networking of instrument and meter systems, and complete the transformation of automatic instruments from analog technology to digital technology. Large-scale medical instruments and clinical information systems such as M-type nuclear magnetic resonance system; High energy intelligent large-scale instrument system for tumor treatment

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