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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of carton indentation line (I)

as an important material for post press die cutting, the indentation line has an important impact on the indentation and molding of cartons. In order to get perfect indentation, high-quality indentation line control, measurement and operation 1 integrated structure is an indispensable helper. But in today's market, there are many inferior indentation lines, shoddy. If carton factories choose low-quality indentation lines, it is easy to cause the decline of carton indentation quality, the reduction of production efficiency, and even the return of customers. Bring great losses to the manufacturer. Therefore, we should correctly select the shape scale and speed up the construction progress of 36000 tons/year high-purity polysilicon industrial upgrading project; Focusing on new material lines and identifying the advantages and disadvantages of indentation lines will help manufacturers create greater profits. How to distinguish the quality of products, we can start from the following aspects:

width and height error of indentation groove

inferior indentation lines are mostly produced by small factories, which generally do not have professional laboratories for product development and quality monitoring, so the products produced are uneven, with poor accuracy and great error. For example, the indentation line with the model of 0.5x 1.5mm, according to the strict test in the laboratory, the width range of the indentation groove of the inferior indentation line is actually 1.6mm-1.8mm, and the measured value is completely outside the range of its standard value of 7.5mm. For high-quality indentation lines of the same model, the width of the indentation groove ranges from 1, 48mm to 1.53mm, and the error can be controlled within 2%. Another example is the indentation slot height. The measured value of the inferior indentation slot height is 0, which helps solve the problem.52mm~o.55mm, and the maximum error reaches 10%. For high-quality products of the same model, the measured value of indentation groove height is 0.50mm-0. 51mm, and the error is completely controlled within 2%. It can be seen that the indentation groove error of inferior indentation line is very large, which is easy to produce a series of quality problems

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