How to distinguish between transmitter and sensor

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How to distinguish between transmitter and sensor

a certain initial load F0 (corresponding to 5% - 10% of the elastic deformation load) can be applied to the sample.

the sensor is usually composed of sensitive elements and conversion elements. It is the general name of devices or devices that can detect the specified measured and convert into usable output signals according to a certain law. When the output of the sensor is the specified standard 1. The positive deviation of the indication is out of tolerance signal, it is the transmitter Devices that convert physical signals into electrical signals are called sensors, while instruments that convert non-standard electrical signals into standard electrical signals are called transmitters. The primary instrument refers to the field measuring instrument or base control meter, and the secondary instrument refers to the use of the primary meter signal to complete other functions

transmitter and sensor together constitute the detection signal source of automatic control. The combination of different sensors and corresponding transmitters can meet the needs of different physical quantities. The weak electrical signal collected by the sensor is amplified by the transmitter, and the signal is amplified to facilitate the transfer or start of the control element. The sensor converts non electrical physical quantities into electrical signals and directly transmits these signals to the transmitter. Adjust the distance between the main body and the force measuring device and adjust the direction according to the shape and foundation drawing. 7. It is equipped with a micro printer and RS232 general data interface. Another kind of transmitter is a remote instrument that sends the condensate of the lower water and the upper steam in the liquid level sensor to both sides of the bellows of the transmitter through the instrument pipe, drives the mechanical amplification device with the differential pressure on both sides of the bellows, and uses the pointer to indicate the water level. In addition, there are also transmitters that convert electrical analog quantities into digital quantities

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