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Kele harvest entered the Henan market

in Xuchang, Henan Province, agricultural mechanization operators have opened the prelude to wheat harvesting operations. In the field where many wheat harvesters are constantly handling wheat ears and straw, one machine is particularly eye-catching

The header with a width of

6 meters, the retractable bottom plate, and the side knife can easily harvest barley, rape, rice and other crops in addition to wheat; The mixed threshing and separation system of axial flow and shear flow can ensure the best threshing effect; The 10000 liter granary can ensure sufficient continuous operation time; The 326 HP German Benz engine provides powerful power and minimizes fuel consumption. This is the new combine purchased by Henan Tianhe Agricultural Development Co., Ltd

Henan Tianhe Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is a modern agricultural enterprise in the whole industrial chain committed to high-quality, natural, green vegetables and food crops, which integrates R & D, planting, production, processing, logistics and sales according to a certain evaluation method. It is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization. It has built a 10000 mu standard agricultural production base in Xuchang, Henan Province, with its headquarters. Its main products are mustard, cabbage Xuedou and other southern specialty vegetables, as well as wheat, rice, soybeans and other food crops

in order to promote the development of agricultural modernization in Xuchang, after many inspections and comparisons, Henan Tianhe took the lead in purchasing large combine harvesters and medium and high horsepower tractors from Kele in the Central Plains. Kele's Series tractors all use the unique CPS engine management technology and the advanced gearbox designed and manufactured by itself, plus the spacious and bright cab, simple and convenient operating system. Any driver can easily control these two behemoths with 268 HP and 165 HP, and give full play to their traction; At the same time, the driver's cab is equipped with a multi-function handle and a hydraulic oil circuit control handle, so that the driver can operate the farm tools more flexibly and conveniently

Founded in 1913, Claas is the world's leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery. Advanced plant and manufacturing equipment, first-class manufacturing technology and independent spare parts supply system, strong scientific research and development system make it unique in the world agricultural machinery manufacturing industry

the company regards China as the city with the most development potential, and proposes that it can also be customized according to the specific situation of the user area from that year. It established a Chinese representative office in December 2004, and introduced the advanced German agricultural technology, which is a small bag with transparent film, to China. At present, the products sold in China include large and medium horsepower tractors, a variety of combine harvesters, silage harvesters, various forage harvesters, balers, telescopic forklifts, etc

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