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Komatsu realized the three-dimensional digitization of the construction site

on October 6, 2015, Komatsu held an explanation meeting, which introduced the ICT (information and communication technology) based construction site operation support system "one tensile test art construction should be done for each batch of straight bars accepted by SM with carbon structural steel". Among them, it focuses on the cloud service "komconnect", which plays a core role in the system and also needs UTM to play a greater role, and the construction machinery equipped with stereo cameras

komconnect can use ICT to connect various information on the construction site and provide solutions for simulation, construction, etc. On site construction personnel can use smart, tablet computers, construction machinery display screens, office personal computers, etc. to access komconnect, and flexibly use a large amount of information stored on the server. Komconnect has been officially available since September 2015

construction machinery equipped with stereo camera refers to hydraulic excavator "pc200i". This excavator has been put on sale, but as one of the "ICT construction machines" equipped with GPS, sensors and other devices, it will add a stereo camera

Komatsu's ICT construction machinery can use GPS and various sensors to obtain the current topographic data of the construction site. However, the construction of other construction machinery and the manual construction of workers have not been known before. This time, with stereo cameras, the system will be able to obtain the operation results (terrain changes) of construction workers and other construction machinery in the form of three-dimensional data. The obtained data can be adjusted freely (the whole set of loading and installation) will be sent to komconnect in real time and recorded. Then, the current data is automatically compared with the terrain data measured by UAV and the data of 3D as built drawings before Volvo Construction, so as to improve the construction efficiency and manage the construction progress

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