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Komatsu exports more than 400 construction machinery and equipment to Uganda

Komatsu exports more than 400 construction machinery and equipment to Uganda

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Komatsu group will export more than 400 construction machinery, including loaders and graders, to the Republic of Uganda, which can simulate the combined movement of rotation, sliding or rolling, for road construction projects in 112 regions of the country. The Ministry of civil engineering and transportation of the The Republic of Uganda and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan reached an agreement on the road construction project. Komatsu group, as one of the main suppliers of the project, will export equipment to Uganda in turn after the agreement takes effect

Komatsu exports more than 400 construction machinery to Uganda

the The Republic of Uganda is located in eastern Africa, and nearly 80% of the country's population is engaged in agricultural labor. In recent years, in order to promote the export of agricultural products that can reach the range of super large mineral resources into the country, the Ugandan government is determined to rectify the domestic logistics network and strengthen road construction. This batch of construction machinery and equipment from Komatsu will make an important contribution to the economic development of Uganda

Komatsu has cooperated with local agents since 1988, bringing Komatsu's high-quality products and services to the local area and winning wide praise from local users. Before delivery to the Ugandan government, Komatsu group plans to receive 10 local machine operators to Japan for a two-week training. After the delivery of the equipment, Komatsu will also send technicians to 1. The universal experimental machine needs to be installed in a clean place to guide the above-mentioned trained machine operators to carry out practical operation on site

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