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Jianglu strives to build the safest tower crane manufacturing service supplier in China

Jianglu strives to build the safest tower crane manufacturing service supplier in China

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in recent years, Jianglu company has put forward the strategic plan of "building the safest tower crane manufacturing service supplier in China", The "technical transformation project of tower crane production base" and the "construction project of construction machinery R & D and production base of Jiuhua Industrial Park" have been completed successively, and have successfully passed the acceptance of the expert group of ordnance industry group. The two projects are important decisions for the development of civilian products in the "12th Five Year Plan" of Jianglu company, with large investment scale, many construction contents and long construction cycle. It aims to improve the production conditions for the development of civil products of Jianglu company, straighten out the process flow, open up the production line, improve its production and R & D capacity of civil products, improve the tower crane type, optimize the tower crane structure, comprehensively improve the processibility of the tower crane, enhance the market competitiveness of large, medium and small tower cranes, and expand the market share of large, medium and small tower cranes. Through the research on the upgrading of the main model of tower cranes Like the intelligent control of tower cranes, the gold testing pressure testing machine in our period is also the successful research and development of five scientific research projects, including the application research of the manufacturing system and the research of the standardized manufacturing process of tower cranes. Four main types of tower cranes, QTZ80 (jl5710, jl6011), qtzl60f (jl7015) and qtz315 (jl7034), are equipped with the intelligent monitoring and management system independently developed by Jianglu, and further strengthen the quality and technical improvement and market development of tower cranes, Improve the existing sales mode of financial leasing and the "one-stop service" exhibition influence of the exhibition mode

the electric control system of the tower crane adopts the overall layout of the centralized control room, which greatly improves the environmental adaptability of the electric control system, and is equipped with Zhangjiagang happy machinery factory with intelligent monitoring and management independently developed by Jianglu; The sk1160b open plasticizer system can carry out self-protection, early warning and automatic fault diagnosis from many aspects and angles, so as to comprehensively improve the safety of the tower crane. The intelligent monitoring and management system integrates modern control technology, network technology, wireless transmission technology and tower crane control technology. It has the functions of perception, analysis, reasoning, control and management. It has built an advanced intelligent management platform for tower cranes, realized the synchronization of research and development and sales, and sold nearly 20 sets in the month of acceptance, with sales of more than 15 million yuan

scientific and technological innovation has made the tower crane of Jianglu company taste the sweetness, becoming a new economic growth point of Jianglu brand tower crane, and moving step by step towards "the safest tower crane manufacturing service supplier in China"

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