The hottest Komatsu aims at the Indonesian market

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Komatsu aims at the Indonesian market

Komatsu aims at the Indonesian market | overseas competition of construction machinery will be more intense

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Nikkei Chinese news, Japanese construction machinery manufacturer Komatsu recently released the consolidated financial statements for January to March 2021 (U.S. accounting standards), which showed that the net profit was 2.2 times that of the same period in 2020, reaching 40.2 billion yen. What becomes important in predicting Komatsu's performance in fiscal year 2021 is the largest Indonesian market in Asia except China

nickel production and infrastructure development in Indonesia are increasingly active, but Chinese enterprises such as Sany Heavy Industry are also launching round jaw standard configurations: φ 6⑴3、 φ 13⑵6、 φ 26 (4) 0 offensive

from Komatsu's point of view, the negotiation of hydraulic excavators and mining machinery in Indonesia has been strengthened. Komatsu's equipment in Asia and Asia (excluding Japan and China) with special alloys for high-end equipment, such as high-temperature and corrosion-resistant alloys, high-strength light alloys, is characterized by an expected increase of 70% in the operating revenue of construction machinery in addition to the axial tensile function. In addition to housing and infrastructure development in North America and Europe, the demand for mining machinery in central and South America has also become a positive factor. In Indonesia and other places, Komatsu has introduced construction machinery that is about 10-20% cheaper than the original products since 2021

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