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KOMA released the innovative hybrid laser welding technology lhyte

at the Shanghai Optical Expo. On March 14, 2017, the Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. KOMA took lhyte's leading technology to the light Expo: Hall 3-booth 3212

lhyte is a new technology specially designed for industrial laser applications. It was jointly developed by KOMA and prima electro. Today, the technology was successfully unveiled at the China Optical Expo

lhy such as computer te is a cutting-edge modular laser source, suitable for automotive and general industrial fields. With the help of this system, end users can choose optical fibers, diodes and composite lasers to meet the increasingly diverse and flexible needs of the industrial field

the press conference gathered original equipment manufacturers, system integrators, partners and media friends from all over China. Mr. Tang Xin, general manager of KOMA China robot business department, and Mr. BIE Chao, director of market and government affairs, introduced the advantages of this new product to partners at the exhibition site

lhyte is a unique solution, which has been patented by KOMA. It has a modular design and can switch different laser forms (diode and fiber) at will. It can be flexibly adjusted according to any industrial application to help KOMA meet the market demand of constantly integrating port resources in Hainan. In this market, manufacturers and system integrators are always looking for general technology with excellent performance. This innovative system is also synonymous with high-quality Italian design. It is also the crystallization of the development ability of coma, the world's leading global automation company. It is also the result of the continuous efforts of Prima electro, which has international influence in the design field of electronic components and laser technology

about KOMA

as a member of FCA group, KOMA is a global leader in advanced industrial automation solutions, integrating products, technology and services, which can help companies of different sizes improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs, and optimize return on investment. Headquartered in Turin, Italy, KOMA has more than 40 years of factory proven experience. It has 15 manufacturing plants, 5 innovation centers and more than 9000 employees in 17 countries and 34 different regions around the world. We strongly focus on innovation and are committed to becoming an open automation solution expert through personal and group development. Through lean engineering and sustainability, KOMA is promoting automated production in the future. Through modular, flexible and highly reconfigurable products, solutions can be tailored to the needs of each customer. Through the continuous development and upgrading of products and services, KOMA leads the industrial automation industry. KOMA can lead the automation industry and run through the whole project cycle - from design, implementation and installation, due to the high temperature of plastics, to production, commissioning and maintenance services. With its powerful comprehensive capabilities in synthetic leather, wood and metal coatings, elastomers and foam, KOMA can provide comprehensive solutions for a wide range of industries, including production and assembly, powertrain machining, robots and services

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