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Kollmorgen, Thomson and hengstler jointly participated in the Industrial Expo

Kollmorgen Industrial Expo released AKD high-performance servo driver

Thomson launched 400 series high-performance linear guide rail

hengstler launched encoder and rotary transformer based on the new BISS protocol

November 9-13, 2010, Kollmorgen, the world's leading motion control provider, will display its full range of servo products, especially the newly developed AKD high-performance servo driver, at the automation exhibition of the Shanghai Industrial Expo. Simon Liu, product manager of the company, will also make a special introduction to AKD at the OEM Forum on the morning of November 10. Kerr Morgan's booth is located at No. 011, hall E1, Shanghai New International Exhibition Center

akd is based on Ethernet, which can provide first-class performance and industry-leading flexibility, scalability and power range, and can meet the unique performance requirements of almost all applications; From simple torque and speed applications, indexing, and multi axis programmable motion through the company's powerful new automation solution Kollmorgen automation suite. In this way, machine manufacturers can achieve standardization in multiple power ranges of a single drive product family through a unified graphical user interface (GUI), so as to achieve optimized machine performance, output and accuracy in a variety of applications, while reducing the engineering design time and cost associated with high inventory downward pressure, understanding and programming of various types of drives

Josh Inman, North American product manager of Cole Morgan, said: AKD is specially designed to have the versatility, communication and power that OEMs need to expand machine performance and accelerate integration. Through the standard Coleman servo motor and linear positioner, AKD realizes the real plug and play operation, which can quickly start the recovery of the development of China's plastic extruder Market and run an optimized, high-performance system, and save more space and cost than the low-performance option. The basic hardware has a variety of Ethernet connection options, which can support various open and closed protocols without a separate tab. AKD adopts a smaller compact design and provides a wide range of power. Machine manufacturers can use these enhanced drives through a single interface

in addition, at the same time, colmorgan AKM servo motor, CT stepping motor, s300/600/700 servo driver, SynqNet high-performance motion control network, MMC controller and other products that have been well-known in the market for many years will also be exhibited. A full range of servo motion control products will meet the various needs of customers

Kollmorgen is the world's leading supplier of motion control systems and accessories. With more than 60 years of professional experience in motion control design and development, the breakthrough solution provided by Coleman has unparalleled performance, reliability and convenience. With world-class motion control concept, industry-leading product quality, and professional ability to integrate and customize products, the company is committed to creating an undoubted market competitive advantage for machine manufacturers. For more information, please visit, call 4006661082, or email ina@

in conjunction with electrical products, Thomson, a sister company of Cole Morgan, also brought high-performance mechanical products, such as ball screws, linear guides, linear units and reducers. As the first ball screw manufacturer in Germany after World War II, Thomson's products have been recognized by customers all over the world. In China, as a supporting device for high-end models, more and more machine tool manufacturers have begun to use it. Thomson's high-quality products will be recognized by more and more domestic customers

at the same time, Thomson has developed a 400 series linear guide with ultra-high cost performance for the Asian market. Inheriting the excellent quality of the 500 series, the 400 series linear guide rail pays more attention to the needs of Asian customers. The roller track bearing components available on both sides can achieve compatibility during installation and equal load capacity in all directions. The rails of all steel ball type and ball cage type sliders adopt the same structural design, realizing the common rail of both, and effectively introducing the spare parts inventory

about Thomson

as a top manufacturer in the industry, Thomson has more than 60 years of innovation and manufacturing experience in motion control, producing a full range of products such as linear ball bushing bearings, sprocket bearings, 60 case shafts, grinding and rolling ball screws, linear actuators, reducers, clutches, actuators, linear motion systems and related accessories. Thomson invented the linear ball bushing in 1945. This project designed and developed polyurethane foam insulation products with different physical and chemical properties. Since then, it has established the highest standard of mechanical motion control solutions, serving the global industrial, aviation and national defense markets. Thomson production centers are located in North America, Europe and Asia, and serve global customers through more than 2000 distributors

at this exhibition, the encoder Business Department of hengstler under Danaher sensor industrial control group (DSCG) will also appear on the same stage. At that time, hengstler's new encoder and resolver based on the new BISS protocol will also be on display. Among them, the new absolute encoder ar62/63 with single lap and multi lap resolution up to 28 bits will be unveiled at the ICIF for the first time. Under the condition of bearing axial 200N and radial 200N forces at the same time, the mechanical life can reach 109 revolutions. Ar62/63 is designed to resist the highest acceleration, extreme temperature fluctuations, and even underwater use of generalists. Ar62/63 will be an ideal choice for various applications that need to work reliably against harsh environments, such as tension tests: construction machinery, wind farms, solar farms, food and beverage, canned equipment, cranes and offshore platforms. For more information, please call 4006661802

about hengstler company

hengstler company, founded in the 18th century, is a global leader in the field of industrial counting and control components, and is also the world's largest paper cutter manufacturer. Headquartered in aldingen, southwest Germany, the company's products include encoders, counters, industrial controllers and temperature controllers, relays, safety relays, printers, paper cutters, etc. Hengslter has a large number of branches and offices in more than 40 countries in Europe, America and Asia

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