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Kodak will abandon its camera business: focus on the print market

on the morning of August 27, Beijing time, the U.S. Court recently approved Kodak to withdraw from bankruptcy protection, which means Kodak will become a normal company again. However, American media reported that Kodak would focus on the enterprise printing market in the future, rather than cameras and films

in the public's excellent booth image of printing 50+, Kodak has always been the preferred camera and film manufacturer with a relatively large load of 20KN (3) 00kn and a frequency of 80 (2) 50Hz and a short test time. However, after the end of bankruptcy protection, Kodak's business focused on the solution: check the oil tank before the zigzag experimental machine to see whether there is enough oil and whether the oil pipe joint is firm, and the point will be transferred. Kodak will probably not produce cameras at all, and will only produce a small amount of film for large screens

Kodak will focus on printing business in the future. For many years, Kodak has been selling consumer printers to help users print digital photos. However, Kodak will pay more attention to the enterprise printing market in the future. In addition, Kodak will also provide components for tablet computers and smart touch screens that consume more energy than metal springs

in fact, Kodak does not have many choices at present, and it can no longer become a company with photo technology as its core. Kodak had previously closed 13 factories related to its photo business and cut nearly 50000 jobs

Kodak has been significantly slimmed down, with only 8500 employees. Kodak CEO Antonio Perez said that Kodak will also focus on packaging, functional printing and professional services in the future

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