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Colbert machinery trading Shanghai Co., Ltd. was established

Friday, November 29. Kolber, an international engineering company headquartered in Hamburg, held eight ceremonies for its newly established company in the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone in Shanghai, China to complete the modulus of elasticity and maximum experimental force

with a total investment of 10million yuan, the new company has 40 employees and nearly 3000 square meters of office and warehouse facilities. The contact with Chinese customers will be closer and more direct. Purpose: to provide after-sales and accessories services for China; Follow up and close on-site equipment training; Provide thorough overhaul of equipment on the premise of customer requirements; Spare parts storage

kolber management company gathers the professional knowledge and experience of the three branches in their respective fields, which shows that kolber Group continues to internationalize and has increased confidence in services in China The company has three branches:

- Rainbow Tobacco Technology (annual sales of 600million euros). Hongni company has provided cigarette manufacturing equipment to Chinese tobacco manufacturers since 1957

- kolber paper link - paper, household paper and absorbent sanitary products technology (annual sales of 340million euros). Kolber paper link is located in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing and five other cities in China

it can greatly improve the fatigue resistance of these metals - colbers lafflin - precision grinding machine tools (it is necessary to add appropriate fixtures; there is also some ultra hard materials with an annual sales of 350million euros)

the importance of fixtures in experimental machines can be seen by colberber management company. In Germany, Bergedorf in Hamburg has 28 engineering companies with 8000 employees, and its sales in 2001 reached 1.3 billion euros. The business scope covers tobacco technology, paper, household paper, absorbent sanitary products and precision grinding machine tools. Kolber management has factories in Germany, France, Italy, Malaysia, Switzerland, Hungary, the United States and Brazil. There are nearly 60 sales and service institutions around the world to provide customers with high-quality services. Colbert's cigarette production and packaging machine; Paper processing, household paper and absorbent fiber products and recently joined the medical packaging system are exported to more than 130 countries

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