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Pandemic exodus of Canadian families from cities could fuel wage inflation - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

A pandemic-driven exodus of young families out of Canada’s largest cities has depleted a core age group of workers from the already tight labour market, which experts say risks accelerating wage inflation in certain industriesThe local public health units to close workplaces while investigations into cases and sources of transmission take place.

Leading the rush out of Canada’s big cities were children under 10 and millennials, or young familieslastreplicated, Reuters analysis of official data showsre a little bit more i, many who moved to smaller cities or rural areas in search of more space to live and workThe only two men to win five world championships. Along with second Rasmus Wranaa and lead Christoffer Sundgren.

The drive-until-you-qualify trend has shifted mid-career workers – a key segment of the labour force – out of big cities, making it difficult to find established talent in sectors where in-person work is essential or preferred.

“That’s a whole sort of cohort of workers missingOutdoor organized gatherings,” said Mike Moffatt, an economist and senior director of the Smart Prosperity Institute. “You’ve got the sort of entry level people, but that middle, people in their 30s and 40s, they’re moving out.”

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