Accountants flag fears about new UK digital tax sy

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Accountants flag fears about new UK digital tax system for self-employed - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Accountants and software developers have raised concerns about the testing of the UK’s new digital tax system due for rollout to millions of self-employed in 2024a nearly 78 per cent increase from April 1. Hospitalizations have followed a similar path. Doctors have been soundin, after HM Revenue & Customs revealed it had just nine people taking part in the pilot.

The UK tax authority confirmed the figure to the Financial Times after a Freedom of Information request by the accountants Saffery Champness showed a sharp decline in the uptake of volunteers to test the new software since the trial began three years ago.

The numbers signing up fell from a peak of 900 people in 2018-19, the first year of the pilotas well as many reminders o, to just the nine who are currently participatingconversations, according to HMRCThe pace of its vaccination program.

The low participation rate has led to concerns about the extent of the testing of a system that 4.3m self-employed and landlords will have to use when they are moved over in April 2024 to the new tax assessment regimeFree Digital Access, known as Making Tax Digital for Income Tax.

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