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According to the survey of CCTV Oriental time and space (3298 participants), 47.2% said that when choosing similar products, they would still give priority to the products endorsed by stars. However, an online survey also shows that more than 90% of the people are quite dissatisfied with the false advertisements endorsed by stars. For a time, there were different opinions about celebrity endorsement

in the face of the surging tide of celebrity endorsements, will people buy the accounts of these stars? How much role can stars play in endorsing paint brands? How high is the credibility of celebrity endorsement

at the same time, the frequent star endorsement events are also greatly testing Lao Baixing's trust in the star endorsement brand. Guo Degang's advertisement for Tibetan secret oil drainage weight loss tea was accused of false propaganda; Yilin wood industry, endorsed by ge you, is suspected of the largest pyramid selling case in Beijing. The eye nanny of the famous host Wen Qing, who endorsed the medical devices for the treatment of myopia, was accused of exaggerated publicity. Deng Jie was sued by consumers for the endorsement of Sanlu brand infant formula milk powder

2009 can be called the year of coating star endorsement. From the beginning of the year, Chen Jianbin's endorsement of bards brand, Zhang Tielin and Pu Cunxin's four brands shocked the coating industry. Olympic girl Lin Miaoke endorsed Fuxiang paint, famous singer Yin Xiangjie endorsed desert oasis paint, child star alpha endorsed Apple paint, and film and television star Zhou Haimei endorsed atrium paint. Recently, there was another news that carlys did not hesitate to sign actress Li Bingbing at a large amount of money

◆ ordinary people: famous stars are more credible

a middle school teacher said: coatings are different from daily products, and we seldom know these products. The brands on the market are also diverse, and the products endorsed by stars can give us some confidence

and Miss Wang, the designer of the decoration company, said: for us, trust in products is almost equal to trust in stars themselves. Stars like ge you and Guo Degang have endorsed false advertisements, and we don't trust other brands they endorse

an IT engineer living in an enterprise said: at present, there are many paint brands endorsed by stars in the market. Most of them are domestic second and third tier stars or stars who have passed. As long as tens of thousands of yuan, no matter what the product is, big stars generally audit the enterprise strictly for their own reputation and future, so I will choose some products endorsed by big stars I can trust

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