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Professional ethics is explained online as follows: it is not only the standards and requirements for the behavior of the staff in their professional activities, but also the moral responsibility and obligation of the profession to the society. Professional ethics of top ten brands of doors and windows. When you work, you must understand what professional ethics is. Top ten brands of doors and windows www.yidunmc Com

professional ethics is explained on the Internet as follows: it is not only the behavioral standards and requirements of the staff in their professional activities, but also the moral responsibility and obligation of the profession to the society

in work, good professional accomplishment is the basic quality of every employee. It has a standard and a bottom line for the code of conduct and work obligations that employees are bound to. In fact, in my heart, the bottom line is very "shallow" a lot of time. What is shallow is a real thing I encountered before

I also worked in stores before. Working in stores as a shopping guide and having a good relationship with clerks in other industries is beneficial to my sales performance, so at that time, I bought aluminum alloy doors and windows. At that time, I had a very good relationship with clerks in kitchen cabinets and wardrobe stores, especially Xiao Zhu, a kind and gentle little girl who is the shopping guide of a wardrobe store, but to my surprise, After a few days of no contact, she actually went to work at B, the competitor of a's wardrobe store. I don't understand it. She has only worked in a store for twoorthree months and has just accepted all the wardrobe knowledge, as well as the selling points and shortcomings of a store

later, because of this matter, I didn't communicate with her anymore. I was still talking about my anger about this matter, which was particularly prominent and serious. The reason why I can't pick up the house in particular is that I don't think she should learn all the things of her opponent and then go to work there. This is a great blow to the previous store, especially in the sales process, she often uses these to convince customers. For example, I used to work in a certain store before, and I know his things very well, which is not as good as XX And so on. Such words will be particularly helpful to increase the trust of customers. So I think she violated professional ethics. I don't understand. I'm angry about this kind of thing, so this month's friend disappeared

later, I thought, maybe it's just that the scale in my heart is too balanced. If he's only familiar with this industry and doesn't do it, what can he do? This is another question worth thinking about

so can professional ethics be understood as doing your job well according to the requirements and norms of your new job during your tenure, without violating the bottom line of your job, so that you can abide by professional ethics? Then why do you do your job well? For example, now I go to the headquarters of the aluminum alloy door and window company to work. The production workers I contact will always make some mistakes in their work. For example, when cutting aluminum alloy profiles, be careful and cut aluminum alloy profiles accurately without waste. Is this a compliance with professional ethics? If it is wasted, is it not a problem of professional ethics. Wait

in fact, in my opinion, professional ethics is to do a good job with due diligence when on the job, do not violate the bottom line of the job, and no longer maintain basic ethics for the previous job after leaving (except for some special industries, such as how long some industries will sign contracts and not be allowed to work in the same industry)

love their posts and work hard, be honest and trustworthy, act fairly, serve the masses, contribute to the society, and cultivate their quality. This is also what should be in professional ethics:

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