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As the saying goes: one life, two sports, three Feng Shui, three Feng Shui. Feng Shui has an important impact on our fortune, so we have to pay attention to Feng Shui in life; So in Feng Shui, how to look at Feng Shui decoration design diagrams? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

Feng Shui decoration design diagram 4. The stove should not be under the beam: all places that often go in and out and operate should not be under pressure, especially as the platform of food system in the stove.</p>
<p>5. The stove in the kitchen should not be directly facing the refrigerator and sink: the refrigerator also represents the place of storage and wealth accumulation. Its nature is water, and it is most afraid of fire attack, which is easy to cause family members' health problems.</p>
<p>6. The stove should not be unreliable behind: the health, marriage and reputation of the stove owner's family should be relied on The back cannot be empty. We must rely on the solid wall. If it is a glass wall, it is inappropriate</p>
<p>7. The kitchen and toilet are different: in order to save space, some families make the kitchen and toilet</p>
<p>sofa one of the most important furniture in the living room. The placement of the sofa determines the pattern of the living room and is also related to Feng Shui. So what should we pay attention to when placing the sofa? Next, check the taboos of placing Feng Shui on the sofa in the living room, and you can understand it</p>
<p>Feng Shui taboos for sofa placement in the living room. First, the sofa must not be directly opposite the door</p>
<p>if the sofa is in a straight line with the living room door, it will do great harm. It will lead to the separation of family and wealth. When there is no other way, remember to put a screen between the door and the sofa to prevent the airflow from rushing directly into the sofa, so as to protect wealth from leakage and family reunion. The sofa should be arranged in a U-shaped shape. The depression of the U-shaped shape is the air receiving position of Feng Shui, which can store wind and gather gas. It is said that it is more beneficial than A-shaped placement</p>
<p>placing Feng Shui taboos on sofa in sand living room II. Hair is most afraid of beam capping</p>
<p>beam capping is a big taboo in living room, bedroom or kitchen. If there is a beam on the sofa, it will have a great impact, so we must avoid it. If you really have to put it under the beam, you must put two pots of Kaiyun bamboo on the tea table on both sides of the sofa to bear the pressure of Feng Shui</p>
<p>Feng Shui taboos for sofa placement in the living room. Third, it is best to place the sofa against the wall, not directly facing the channel, not without a back</p>
<p>in terms of Feng Shui, there are backers against the wall, and there are no worries about the future. If there are doors, windows and passages behind the sofa, and there is no wall to lean on, it will form a situation of dissipation, and people and money are difficult to prosper. The remedy is to put furniture such as screens and low cabinets behind the sofa and make artificial backers. The situation is slightly better. If there is a window, door anchor line or channel behind the sofa, it is also equal to no backer behind it. From the perspective of psychology, the back of the sofa is empty and lacks a sense of security. If there is really no solid wall behind the sofa, the more effective way to improve it is to place the low inventory building materials cabinet or screen behind the sofa, which is called

Feng Shui taboos for sofa placement in the living room. 4. The sofa must not be in line with the door.

if the sofa is in line with the door, Feng Shui calls it "hedging", which has great disadvantages, which will lead to the loss of family members and the loss of wealth. In this case, it is best to remove the sofa to avoid colliding with the gate. If there is no place to move, you have to put a screen between the two. In this way, the air flowing into the house from the gate will not directly rush into the sofa, the family will not be dispersed and can gather together, and the wealth will not be leaked




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