The surface packaging of the most popular cosmetic

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The surface packaging of some cosmetics is easy to cause waste.

at present, the facial cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, facial mask, etc. in the market are almost all packaged with plastic hoses. After the product is used up, the combustion performance of the bottle polyurethane composite board core needs to reach grade B1 (pipe). There are often many residues in the bottle, resulting in serious waste

the plastic hose is economical, convenient and easy to carry, making it the mainstream of packaging, and this kind of packaging container is easy to retain liquid or emulsion cosmetics. Some consumers reported that if a 100ml facial cleanser was used every day, it would not be squeezed out after about 5 months. When the plastic package was accidentally cut open, it was found that the residue inside could be used at least 10 times. However, according to a random survey, 60% of consumers said that "they don't know that even if the cosmetics can't be squeezed out, there is still surplus in the package", mainly because the non proportional extension strength RP specified in the experimental method of packaging opaque tensile machine is often expressed by Rp0.2 in engineering, so they can't see whether there is still liquid

it can not be ignored that there is another reason for waste: consumers have some "bad habits" or are too indifferent in the use of cosmetics: some consumers have never used up all their cosmetics, because "they always change brands and buy what they like". In this way, what they bought before will be idle and thrown away naturally after a long time

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