The supply of large-size TV panels is tight in Nov

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In November, the supply of large-size TV panels was tight

in November, the supply of large-size TV panels was still tight, and the mainland TV industry was actively stocking up in the fourth quarter, and November was the peak season for sales promotion Cultivate a batch of new material service intermediaries. In addition to the 32 inch rise and stabilization, the quotations of other large-size panels have room to rise by $5 to $10. The performance of panel Shuanghu Youda (2409) and qunchuang can be supplemented in the fourth quarter

however, TV brands in the terminal market have rebounded. Shengbao, a major household appliance manufacturer, is planning to increase the price to reflect the cost. The market estimates that the price will increase by 3-5%

qiuyubin, senior associate manager of WitsView research department, said that the TV panel quotation in November was basically tight overall. Except that 32 inches had reached the top, other sizes still had room to rise. However, after several consecutive months of sharp rises, the upward trend would converge slightly and there was still a chance to increase by $5 to $10

Youda and qunchuang benefited from the news. Today, the share price continued to offer a red market, and the share price rose

TV panels began to rise at the end of the second quarter, which helped panel makers Youda and qunchuang make profits in the third quarter. There was also a rebound in the market. In particular, TV manufacturers can hardly bear the pressure of rising prices of TV panels

the quotation of TV panel continued to rise in November, and the household appliance industry secretly complained. Shengbao will raise the price to reflect the cost. Chenshichang, general manager of Shengbao marketing, said that since June, the TV panel has increased by 30% to 40% with 32 inch and 43 inch rising the most, which has made the home appliance industry feel overwhelmed. Shengbao decided to "announce an increase in the TV price at an appropriate time."

i standard for measurement of sound absorption coefficient and acoustic impedance by standing wave tube method GBJ 88 (8) 5hs display research general manager Xie qinyi also pointed out that the price rise of the panel since the second quarter has affected the sales of terminals, and the price rise in the United States and Europe will occur in the Christmas season, which will affect the sales to some extent

under the internal economic cycle, in April, 2021, China Chengdu Construction Expo talked with you that Xinyuan and Hexin are new opportunities for refining enterprises

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