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Road roller accessories: pay attention to the improvement of technical level

road roller accessories: pay attention to the improvement of technical level

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Guide: after 40 years of continuous development, China's road roller industry has made considerable progress. Especially after entering the 1990s, the production and sales of road rollers have increased rapidly, and the number of enterprises joining in the production of road rollers has increased, making more than 80 roller manufacturing enterprises capable of producing 0.5~30t vibratory rollers, 4~24

after 40 years of continuous development, China's road roller industry has made considerable progress. Especially since the 1990s, the production and sales of road rollers have increased rapidly, and the number of enterprises joining in the production of road rollers has increased. As a result, there are more than 80 roller manufacturing enterprises, which can produce a series of products with complete specifications and varieties, such as 0.5~30t vibratory roller, 4~24t static roller and 16~30t tire roller, and basically form a complete roller manufacturing system that can be independently developed and produced, The gap between its technical level and the international advanced level is gradually narrowing. This situation of rapid growth is bound to push the road roller accessories industry to a new development period

mechanical drive dominates domestic price advantages

generally speaking, the production technology level of domestic accessories in the same industry is not high, but it has obvious price advantages, especially the mechanical drive vibratory roller has very obvious characteristics. Recently, the drive system in the form of gearbox, transfer case and drive axle is gradually popular in China. Power shift and reversing operation are adopted to improve the portability of operation. Most of the drive axles are used for loaders, which have the advantages of advanced technology, high versatility and good maintainability. Domestic bearings are used for vibration bearings and walking bearings

at present, the fundamental reason for the dominant position of mechanical driven roller in domestic vibratory roller products is that its low price is very suitable for the needs of a considerable number of domestic users with limited purchasing power. Due to the low overall industrial level and unbalanced regional economic development in China, mechanical driven roller has a considerable user group and market at the present stage in China because of its advantages of low price and simple maintenance. Although the mechanical driven roller occupies a leading position in the domestic roller market, there are some problems, such as backward technical indicators and levels, low operation efficiency, poor operation comfort, poor maintainability and so on

although the main domestic roller manufacturers have the ability to develop and produce high-tech fully hydraulic driven vibratory rollers, the ability to develop and manufacture and the ability to form mass production and supply and be accepted by the market in large quantities are completely different. At present, the market share of all hydraulic drive vibratory roller manufactured in China is far lower than that of mechanical drive vibratory roller. As the domestic fully hydraulic driven vibratory roller is restricted by quality, reliability and cost, if the main parts are made of domestic accessories, although it has a certain price advantage, the reliability of its quality, new biological fiber product processing technology and equipment manufacturing technology is difficult to be guaranteed. If the main parts are made of internationally famous brand products, the manufacturing cost is often high, and there is neither price advantage nor brand advantage, It is difficult to compete with the road rollers produced by famous foreign manufacturers

insufficient attention to reliability, weak ability to update technology

at present, there are many problems in the domestic accessory industry, such as backward product technology, unreasonable product structure, unstable product quality, poor product reliability, weak process manufacturing and testing means, weak technology R & D ability, and low management level. Poor quality and reliability of supporting parts are often the main reasons for poor overall quality and reliability of the main engine. There are three leakage problems in diesel engine, gearbox, hydraulic pump motor valve and other components. The failure of hydraulic system accounts for about 50%~70% of the total. The leakage fault caused by accelerated aging and failure of seals and assemblies accounts for about 50% of the hydraulic system fault. The problem of short service life of hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and bearing is also prominent. The stiffness of springs is unstable, and the shift pressure adjustment spring and shift positioning adjustment spring are softened to varying degrees. The statistics of the fault feedback rate during the three guarantee period of the main engine show that the number of faults caused by the supporting parts is much higher than that of the self-made parts

foreign roller products have entered the electronic and information age. With the rapid development of microelectronics technology, automatic control technology and computer technology, new technologies such as compaction process monitoring technology, computer simulation technology, automatic control technology, auxiliary selection technology and intelligent technology have been applied to foreign roller products. Compared with foreign products, the domestic product level, especially the supporting parts product level, lags far behind. In China, there are few manufacturers with their own key technologies among the manufacturers of road rollers and other construction machinery accessories. Many accessories manufacturers do not have strong technical updating ability, and often can only make limited improvements on the basis of the original product level. Product development and technological innovation are the core driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises. Products without technological innovation and intellectual property rights are bound to fall into the dilemma of price war

the specialized production level is low, and there is still room to reduce costs.

construction machinery such as road rollers are capital intensive and technology intensive products that have a strong relationship with related industries. They involve a wide range of technologies and businesses. The improvement of the technical content of the main engine plant products requires the close cooperation of many supporting manufacturers, and about 60%~70% of the supporting parts need to be provided by professional manufacturers. The production of the main machine of the road roller mainly includes the overall design of the product, the manufacture of structural parts, the purchase and assembly of product accessories. Modern construction machinery manufacturing enterprises often adopt the typical dumbbell production management mode. The main engine manufacturers only process and produce some special key parts and carry out the assembly and commissioning of the whole machine. Most parts are often manufactured by professional factories or purchased directly. The production of supporting parts tends to be strictly specialized. Even large-scale production enterprises are also carrying out the reorganization of specialized production. Due to domestic management and other reasons, the quality of supporting parts is not good, which often leads to the low reliability of the whole machine, and finally leads to a sharp increase in the late product cost. This is also the problem most strongly reflected by users. An important reason for the slow development of China's construction machinery is that a group of specialized supporting manufacturers has not yet been formed. There is no strong support for specialized supporting, and the ability and level of specialized cooperation are low, which often leads to slow technology update and low product reliability

the price war of construction machinery has made the affordable psychological price of the market lower and lower, which will put forward higher requirements for many parts manufacturers and have to take the road of small profits but quick turnover. Although the sales price and profit index of accessories are constantly decreasing, there is still room to reduce the cost compared with the index of the host. Domestic accessories manufacturers still have potential to further reduce the management cost and improve the production efficiency. The host manufacturers and accessory manufacturers jointly work out the price to balance the profit, and jointly develop the high temperature resistance and Preparation technology of acid and alkali resistant ceramic membrane; Low resistance drop and high strength support preparation technology for high temperature filtration and purification; Preparation technology of ceramic materials with heavy metal ion adsorption function; Preparation technology of microporous and mesoporous ceramic materials; Preparation technology of porous ceramic support for non-toxic catalyst with high specific surface area for environmental protection; Preparation technology of substitute products of chrome containing refractories; Preparation technology of degradable ceramic fiber; Other new mechanisms of environmental protection and environment-friendly material preparation technologies are in a fierce market

continuously improve the technical level and actively participate in the market competition

with the gradual maturity of the market, users have higher and higher requirements for the reliability of products and accessories. Industry experts pointed out that the following aspects should be strengthened:

first, improve the quality reliability. The reliability of roller accessories directly affects the overall quality of roller. At present, domestic parts manufacturers do not pay enough attention to the reliability test of parts and components, and there are few test equipment, so they can not conduct a scientific and comprehensive reliability assessment for the working conditions of parts and components in the use of the main engine. Therefore, parts manufacturers should formulate efficient test plans, improve test equipment and means, and adopt reasonable test methods according to their actual conditions, so as to fully expose the defects of parts in design, material and process, and accumulate a large amount of data and experience to improve the reliability of products

secondly, enhance manufacturing means and processing capacity. The quality of a product is guaranteed by every process. Accessory manufacturers need to continuously introduce advanced manufacturing equipment and management mode to effectively solve the most accessory quality problems in the main engine plant. The problems of poor casting quality, poor cleanliness of hydraulic components, incomplete guarantee of part processing accuracy and low one-time assembly qualification rate of components have always been the common problems of supporting parts. These problems are the main reasons for the early failure of the main engine and the slow improvement of the reliability. The main engine factory has been reacting strongly. Therefore, while introducing advanced manufacturing equipment and improving the processing and manufacturing level, the parts manufacturers should also introduce advanced modern management mode, strengthen the reliability awareness of personnel, strengthen the quality control between processes, and realize the reliability design goal of parts in the manufacturing process

in addition, continuously improve the technical level of supporting parts. Although our traditional products have absolute price advantages compared with foreign products, it is also a fact that there is a considerable gap between the technical content and manufacturing level of our products and the international advanced level. At present, the pump, motor, valve and other hydraulic system components, electrical control system components, vibration and drive bearings and other key components related to technology and reliability used by domestic high-tech rollers are often only products of international famous brands, which will inevitably lead to high production cost and no obvious price advantage. It is difficult to systematically study the molecular weight of polylactic acid polyol, chain extender Effects of isocyanate types on performance (RSC advances, 2016, 6, 17888 ⑴ 7895; Chinese Journal of polymer science, 2016, 34 (7), 901 ⑼ 09; Journal of bioengineering, 2016, 32 (6), 831 (38) international famous brand roller product competition

with the continuous maturity of the road roller market, more and more users put forward higher requirements for the performance and comfort of products, pay attention to good vibration damping, low noise, driving comfort, handling comfort, progressiveness and practicality of functions equipped with air conditioning and other auxiliary facilities. However, the domestic roller technology is still at a low level that can only meet the basic functions. Therefore, the manufacturers of main engines and accessories should focus on technological innovation and improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise, so as to enhance the overall strength of the enterprise, continuously move forward to high technology and high reliability, actively shorten the distance from international advanced products, develop domestic accessories with high level, high quality and moderate price, especially focus on the development of hydraulic system components with high reliability and high performance Electrical control system components, compactness and other advanced detection devices, to meet the needs of domestic high-tech rollers, will have a broad market prospect

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