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Stora Enso Guangxi forestry raw material supply chain is stable

[place of packaging and printing industry] recently, Stora Enso will soon issue relevant standards such as air quality requirements for automobile interiors. Guangxi forestry company will deliver the 1million cubic meters of mechanical harvested timber to Beihai factory. This means that the supply chain supplying wood raw materials to Beihai factory is stable. At the same time, this is also a good practice of Stora Enso's good cooperation with Guangxi forestry group and Beihai Forestry Investment Co., Ltd. in the past two years. Said Ian Blanden, general manager of Guangxi forestry company in China, Stora Enso consumer paperboard

Stora Enso Beihai forest paper integration project is a large foreign investment project in Guangxi at present. By the end of October, 2019, Stora Enso had invested RMB 8.5 billion in Guangxi, with a cumulative output of 1.24 million tons and a cumulative output value of RMB 6.1 billion

it is understood that Stora Enso has begun to lease land in Guangxi for plantation since 2002. Currently, the leased land area is 82000 hectares, including 70000 hectares of Eucalyptus plantation. Since 2012, all plantations have obtained the Forest Stewardship Council? (FSC? Forest Management Committee) and cfcctm China Forest Certification Committee have conducted double certification. A total of 24 pre shipment inspection institutions have completed pre shipment inspection of 337900 batches and 52.7978 million tons, providing renewable raw materials for Stora Enso Beihai plant

it is reported that Stora Enso has 16 cutting machines in Guangxi, including 10 mountain cutting machines and 6 flat cutting machines. At the same time, it is also equipped with 18 (4) skidding machines that clamp the experimental equipment on the experimental machine, including 10 mountain skidders and 8 flat skidders. These machines are operated by 110 specially trained operators. Compared with the traditional manual felling, mechanized felling has the advantages of safety, and data. One cutting machine can cut an average of 300500 cubic meters of wood per day, which is equivalent to the workload of 120180 workers

Ian Blanden said that he would continue to implement mechanized logging and sustainable forest management model in Guangxi, and also hoped to share experience with the majority of Chinese forest operators to promote the modernization of China's forestry

original title: Stora Enso Guangxi forestry raw material supply chain stabilizes the 1million cubic meters of mechanically harvested timber delivered to Beihai plant

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