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[PP] weak Petrochemical support and poor market shipment

I. brief introduction to the market

weak consolidation of PP market today. Although the operation of downstream plants has recovered slightly recently, there is no sign of active procurement. Petrochemicals have weakened their support for the market, and the shippers are cautious. They choose to actively ship goods, and some merchants sell goods at low prices to promote transactions

II. Overview of upstream market

as Monday (February 20) falls on a public holiday in the United States, the trading volume is light, and there is no settlement price for the U.S. crude oil futures contract on Monday

on Monday, the closing price of Far East propylene was stable and closed at 1352 5 dollars/ton. Terminal demand is sluggish and difficult to recover, and pessimism still exists

III. local market conditions

today's PP market quotation is slightly lower. The response of downstream factories was flat, the goods were received cautiously, and the transaction was still flat

small adjustment of PP market quotation in Xi'an. The supply of goods in the market is acceptable, and traders mainly ship goods according to the market. The downstream factories prepared a small amount of goods, and the market trading atmosphere improved a little

Changzhou PP market quotation fell slightly. Most traders' quotations remained stable, waiting for market reaction; Some merchants' quotations were slightly loose. The downstream has no intention to take the initiative to receive goods, and the market inquiry is cold

the price of PP in Qilu Chemical City fell violently. The market lacks positive support and has a strong bearish mentality. Traders ship goods with them. Downstream factories purchase on demand and are not willing to stock goods

this kind of plastic granulator equipment causes serious environmental pollution during reversing. IV. the latest quotation

1. Petrochemical quotation

the ex factory price of PetroChina Huanan PP is stable, the listing price is sold, the overall inventory is normal, and the sales situation is general. The listing price of T30S is 10700 yuan/ton, and that of K8003 is 10950 yuan/ton

the ex factory price of PetroChina Southwest PP is stable, and it is sold at the listed price. At present, the inventory in the region is normal, and the sales is average. The listing price of Lanzhou Petrochemical T30S is 10650 yuan/ton, and that of Dushanzi Petrochemical S1003 is 10650 yuan/ton

the ex factory price of PetroChina Huadong PP is stable, and it is sold at the listed price. The manufacturer's inventory is not large, and the sales situation is OK. The listing price of T30S is 10600 yuan/ton, and that of v30g is 10550 yuan/ton

2. By the end of 15:00, the prices of some brands of China Plastics' spot PP had risen and fallen, with a range of yuan/ton. Among them, 7032e3/ExxonMobil reported a minimum of 11600 yuan/ton (down 600), h030sg/India Xincheng reported a minimum of 10450 yuan/ton (down 40), k7726/Yanshan Petrochemical reported a minimum of 11900 yuan/ton (up 100), j340/Yangzi Petrochemical reported a minimum of 11400 yuan/ton (down 100), m2600r/Shanghai Petrochemical reported a minimum of 11150 yuan/ton (down 100), and t30s/YanLian Petrochemical reported a minimum of 10350 yuan/ton (up 30)

v. future forecast

judging from the recent authorities of Greece and the euro zone countries, a new round of Greek bailout is expected to be passed in the near future; In addition, the domestic central bank lowered the deposit reserve requirement to release liquidity, which will greatly boost market sentiment, boost business confidence, and open the bulk commodity market. However, at present, the petrochemical strategy and the release of terminal demand will still dominate the trend of the development of microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine and microcomputer controlled hydraulic servo universal testing machine in the PP market. Some downstream factories have few orders, and some factories dare not accept orders blindly because of their thin profits, resulting in low operating rate and small purchase volume. The overall PP market downturn atmosphere has not changed much. It is expected that the trend of PP spot market will become clearer tomorrow, and there will be no lack of loose prices

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