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Guantong Futures: with the coming of the peak season of rubber production, the supply is getting better and better. On June 2, the main contract of Shanghai Jiao 809 fell by 785 yuan all over the world. After the large-scale rise, the short sellers continued to be ready to fight back. In the short term, low inventory and high demand will limit the falling space of Tianjiao. However, at present, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other important natural rubber exporting countries have entered the tapping season, and the new rubber will soon be listed. At that time, the long and short sides will compete

may has passed, and the unilateral rising market of rubber market may come to an end. In June, the domestic rubber tapping period will soon come. At that time, the recovery and growth of production will certainly put great pressure on the spot and future prices. The exchange of fundamental long and short factors improves the measurement accuracy, which makes the long and short forces in the futures market confront each other, and may further intensify the future price fluctuations. The phenomenon of sharp rise and fall is very likely to continue

in addition, the gradual increase in the supply of new rubber will test the spot price currently at the highest record in 2008, but the rubber production in 2008 has not been determined. On the other hand, the inventory change in Shanghai, China will also reflect the supply of new rubber. The market is waiting for the change of weather conditions and the further guidance of Shanghai inventory according to Hooke's law

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