The surge of the hottest pulp inventory put pressu

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The surge in pulp inventory put pressure on the US market price in September

market participants said that after the global chemical commodity pulp inventory surged for five supply days in July, North American pulp prices will face pressure next month. The buyer has started early negotiation to determine the price in September

the paper products Council reported that the "one-off factors", including the strike of truck workers at Vancouver wharf and the commissioning of a new chemical commodity pulp factory in Brazil, had pushed the global inventory up to 38 supply days. The inventory level was the same as that of the previous year, which also made the pulp inventory level reach a new high this year

the survey of industry analysts by pulp and paper weekly shows that the global inventory increased by about 393000 tons in July, twice the usual increase in July over the past 10 years

sample cut-off is still required, and it cannot reach 5400 (± 2700.) specified in UL standard The experiment requires that the surface has enough range to characterize the characteristics of the structure

that is, the plastic deformation resistance of metal increases with the increase of plastic deformation, as shown in Figure 1

information source: China pulp and paper business

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