The supply of the hottest polyethylene increased i

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The supply of polyethylene has increased in the later period

the supply of petrochemicals will continue to increase. In terms of equipment maintenance, Daqing Petrochemical has resumed production of 30L of the container. Fushun is expected to resume production this weekend, and the cumulative production capacity will reach about 2million tons. The experimental results are not accurate. In addition, the 450000 ton full density unit of Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. began to turn to 7042 on the 22nd; In addition, the 300000 ton HDPE (6080) and 300000 ton LLDPE (7042) units quietly put into operation by Wuhan Petrochemical on August 13 have short-term unstable operation, but the continued improvement in the future market can promote the plastics and packaging industry to the high-end, and the overall petrochemical supply will gradually increase; Finally, from the perspective of the actual changes in petrochemical inventory, since July, the petrochemical inventory in East China, South China and North China has continued to rise, especially the linear inventory, which is currently at a high level, which is also the main reason why petrochemical enterprises continue to make profit in recent years

increase in external supply

august is usually the month with large LLDPE imports in the year. In the past four years, the average import volume in August has reached 229000 tons, which is significantly higher than that in September. Although it has decreased in September, it will remain high; In addition, from the perspective of import profits, the linear import profits of the Middle East and the Far East have been rising continuously since July. At present, the profits of the Far East import sources have been maintained at more than 100 yuan/ton since August, which will also stimulate the enthusiasm of traders to some extent. It is expected that the LLDPE import volume in August and September this year will be more than 200000 tons, and the concentrated influx of external sources may suppress the domestic market price

social inventory recovered significantly

according to statistics, as of August 16, the PE market inventory increased by 6.18% compared with the end of July, only decreased by 2.82% compared with the same period in 2012, while the PE market inventory at the end of July decreased by 10.1% compared with the same period last year, indicating that the traders had a large stock in the first half of August, and the market supply of goods was gradually abundant; In addition, the seasonal regularity of traders' stock up is also obvious. It is expected that the stock up behavior will continue until the first ten days of September. However, with the gradual reduction of the stock up volume, the support for the futures price in the stock up process will also weaken, the market supply will gradually increase to a high level, and the subsequent shipping behavior after the stock up behavior ends will in turn suppress the futures price of plastics. Most of this behavior occurs in September and October

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