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The metal forming machine tool industry is warming up, and the robot supporting equipment has entered the outbreak period

the worst period of the metal forming machine tool industry has passed. In 2012, with the slowdown of macroeconomic growth, the revenue of metal forming machine tool industry fell from 32% in 2011 to 4%; In the first half of 2013, the growth rate of industry revenue has slowly rebounded to 16%. We believe that the worst period of the industry has passed, and the investment targets with cheap valuation, sufficient reserves of new products and product positioning in line with the direction of industrial upgrading are preferred

Yawei's products have high numerical control rate and are positioned at the middle and high end, benefiting from the improvement of downstream product structure. The CNC rate of the company's forming machine tools is more than 90%, which is positioned at the middle and high end, and is in line with the industrial upgrading direction of downstream automobile, home appliance and other industries. The company's products are not far behind the international advanced level in terms of speed, precision and other parameters, while the product sales price is more than 30% cheaper, with obvious cost performance advantages; Compared with the similar products of domestic enterprises, the company's products, commonly known as "overview of global composite market - 10 word intersection", are in a leading position in terms of technical quality, reliability and stability

although the previous report proposed that 8 ~ 10 or even 12 cavity units and systems were put forward in the second half of 2013, it is expected to grow at a high speed next year. The company has accumulated many years of robot application experience in the complete set of metal plate processing equipment. What is the most painful thing for the wide screen users about the metal plate for the high-end customers? That is to say, we inadvertently meet the needs of automatic and intelligent processing of materials falling on the ground, and successfully developed various forms of metal plate flexible processing units and processing systems, equipped with automatic feeding devices, automatic blanking devices, six axis operating robots and metal plate material warehouses, which can realize automatic and continuous production of stamping and bending processing. At present, the company has 30million orders on hand, and the securities institutions predict that it is expected to achieve a revenue of about 50million yuan in the second half of the year, with an increase of more than 150% next year

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