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There are potential environmental hazards in Polish eco-friendly shopping bags

many supermarkets in Poland have stopped providing customers with ordinary disposable plastic shopping bags with black knobs that are then completely locked, and replaced them with reusable cotton and hemp shopping bags and eco-friendly shopping bags that can be reduced by this madman. However, Polish media disclosed on July 17 that these degradable and environmentally friendly shopping bags are actually not environmentally friendly enough, and there are hidden dangers of environmental pollution

Poland "said on July 17 that the progress of plastic granulator technology in Poland's biological packaging is closely related to the development of the whole national economy. Experts may also hear the sound of sample destruction.) zakovska said that now Poland's biodegradable shopping bags need special equipment and add decomposition promoting substances to effectively degrade. At present, in Poland, there are no more than 50 such degradable devices, which can only handle 2% of the degradable shopping bags sold on the market. Therefore, to promote biodegradable shopping bags, the government needs to purchase a large number of corresponding treatment equipment

at the same time, the degradation process of degradable shopping bags is not simple. Zakovska said that the degradation of this shopping bag needs to last for 3 to 6 months under specific conditions, so she believes that using reusable cotton and hemp shopping bags is the most environmentally friendly

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