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The Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration of radio and television, and the China Central Radio and Television Corporation jointly issued the action plan for the development of ultra high definition video industry (year) (hereinafter referred to as the action plan). According to the overall technology of "4K first and 8K at the same time", the flotation desulfurization technology of high sulfur bauxite in the Institute has reached a new stage, Vigorously promote the development of UHD video industry and applications in related fields. In 2022, the overall scale of China's UHD video industry exceeded 4trillion yuan

the action plan clearly puts forward the key tasks of industrial development from six aspects: breaking through core key devices, promoting the industrialization of key products, improving network transmission capacity, enriching the supply of UHD TV programs, accelerating the innovative application of the industry and strengthening the support service guarantee according to the overall technical route of "4K first and 8K at the same time"

about breaking through the core key devices. The action plan proposes to adhere to the whole machine drive, support the development and mass production of ultra-high definition video core chips, new display devices, and develop key supporting devices such as high-precision optical lenses

about promoting the industrialization of key products. The action plan proposes to strengthen the application traction and support the R & D and application promotion of ultra-high definition video capture equipment, key production and broadcasting equipment, storage system, terminal equipment, industry-specific system equipment, etc

about improving network transmission capacity. The action plan proposes that to improve the access speed of the communication network, we should adopt the replacement rate and service quality of spare parts, enhance the carrying capacity of the IPTV network, meet the needs of 4K and 8K video transmission applications, and explore 5g applications and ultra-high definition video transmission

about enriching the supply of UHD TV programs. The action plan proposes to continue to promote the construction of 4K UHD TV content, enrich the effective supply of program content, support qualified regions to build UHD TV content production bases, and build UHD TV content integration platforms

the relevant person in charge of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology said that in order to break through the key weak links of the ultra-high definition video industry, the action plan proposed to leverage the resources of all parties to support industrial innovation and development through the establishment of industrial investment funds and other means

Ultra HD is a new round of technological innovation. Driven by technology and policies, enterprises that take the lead in the layout will benefit for a long time. For the Development Zone, whether BOE, lyade (300296) or Jichuang north, which takes the lead in the layout of large screen 4K and 8K technologies, will bring broader market space

BOE has put forward the "8425" action plan, that is, to promote 8K, popularize 4K, replace 2K, and make good use of 5g. The world's first generation 10.5 line in Hefei mainly produces 8K ultra-high resolution liquid crystal displays with a design capacity of 120000 glass substrates per month. According to the company's financial report, BOE has launched 8K ultra-high resolution products such as 27 inch and 65 inch

Zhang Yu, senior vice president of BOE group (600811), introduced that BOE's 8K UHD system solution is composed of image service cloud platform, decoding player and display terminal. At present, the company has not only launched a full range of 8K ultra-high definition display products, but also has the technical capabilities of content production, transmission, decoding, playback, display and other links of the 8K industrial chain

as a leading enterprise in the global audio-visual technology products and application platforms, the business layout of lyade group covers four areas: intelligent display, landscape lighting, new cultural and tourism formats and virtual reality. The company adheres to the "production intelligent manufacturing" unswervingly, and has fully realized the fully automated intelligent production and manufacturing of ultra-high definition LED display products by relying on the introduction of international advanced technology, superior performance industrial robots and other intelligent equipment. Riad expects the profit in the first quarter of this year to increase by 10%-25% year-on-year, and the reason for the profit growth is the sharp increase in orders

Jichuang north is an enterprise with the largest market share in the field of LED display driver IC. The driver chip supporting ultra-high resolution liquid crystal display developed by the company has been verified on 32 inch high-definition and higher resolution products last year, and the indicators have reached an excellent level. It has entered the mass production stage. Breaking the professional production dimension standard of high-definition LCD TV core Jinan assaying is to improve the performance and quality of new materials, enhance the innovation ability of new materials An important way to promote the development of high-end industry is the situation that hardness tester chips rely on imports

senior industry experts said that the introduction of the action plan would be good news for UHD video and even the entire audio-visual industry. It gives guidance from the policy level, combined with the market, and has the benchmark significance of future action indicators

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